Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey

Get  FREE  information 
relating to  the Spiritual Journey – like Einstein’s letter
to his Daughter in which he discusses what he calls a
Universal Force.

In addition you’ll get
Spiritual Insights from somebody who has actually been checking out
Siprituality and Meditation for over 40 years.

result of such awareness is lasting peace and joy.

as Death forces you to carry out the
spiritual journey to find who you remain in your essence.

This is at when your main function in life
– and the best freedom you will ever experience.

Spiritual Journey is not a journey in area.

is not a physical journey from one location to another
[like from earth to heaven].

is not a journey in time, which indicates that you do
not need to wait up until after death to explore it.

is not a things that is to be achieved – it is
not a concept or some subtle type that you need to

The spiritual journey is the
journey from lack of knowledge to understanding.

other words it is offered right here, today and
it is what you currently are yet you do not understand it.

factor you do not understand your real nature is since Spiritual
Knowledge is not Conventional Knowledge

it cannot be understood by means of the believing mind.

Hello, My name is
James Traverse

I have actually been actively included with yoga
research study, mentor and practice for over 40 years. I have actually been blessed
with linking to lots of instructors who have actually assisted me along the method, yet
the a single person who I call my instructor was a musicologist, medical
medical professional and sage called Jean Klein. Jean Klein assisted me comprehend the
real nondual nature of being by means of experience. He did this with his
Presence and rather with his words. I had actually studied yoga with B K S
Iyengar for several years and I had actually checked out the mentors of folks like
J. Krishnamurti, Atmananda Krishna Menon, Ramana Maharshi,
Nisargadatta Maharaj and lots of others however just Jean Klein’s method
really assisted me comprehend all of these mentors.

Together all 4 parts represent the Om Symbol

– the Layers of Meaning of Om is discussed throughout this product.

The Buddha plainly comprehended the requirement for
Insight and Personal experience that is beyond the constraints of the
believing mind.

Thus the Buddha taught Vipassana
Meditation, or Insight Meditation since it is based upon

Magical, Paradigm-Shifting and Terrifying, the spiritual
awakening journey is at the core of every human’s mission for liberty,
love, and joy.

revealing your Authentic Being, you will find how to experience
the happiness, freedom, and peace that you have actually been looking for all

RightClick the images for a bigger view.

The product utilizes the metaphor of a whirlpool
to represent the Flow of life and the Form called your bodymind.

As you explore this
metaphor you will see that throughout the product there are over 30 workouts and experiments that assist
you to make the understanding experiential instead of simply

The works out guide you
in methods where what are called ‘AhA!’
minutes flower, yet they do not stop there as you continue your
journey you turn
your ‘AhA!’ minutes into ‘WoW’s!’ by using
the understanding in your life and see that it works, since
that is experiential understanding!

As you explore this experiential
method you rapidly find that you cannot concern
the understanding of your real nature by means of the activity of your
thinking-reasoning mind, yet you likewise understand that the
thinking-reasoning mind can validate the understanding once it has actually been
comprehended by means of experience.

All the forces of Life are Living Answers –

Health, Peace, Love, Joy, Power, Beauty, Wisdom…

Out of Body and Near
Death Experiences

are Much More Common than Reported –

Part of the Problem is that these, Psychic Powers

and things like Reincarnation
aren’t Correctly Understood!

The Insights of the Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey

Clarify These Experiences.

The Spiritual Journey is The Way Home!

I’ll inform you the
initial rate in simply a minute however very first let me share a quick story
that is symbolic of this method of experiential understanding – don’t
concern, it’s inexpensive.

This story happens
on a really cold winter season day and a house owner is experiencing a severe
issue since his heater, which is a heater in the basement
of his home, is not working correctly. The property owner has actually attempted
whatever he understands to get the heater working correctly however he has
stopped working to get it operating at all; he is extremely worried since the
temperature level is listed below freezing and it is possible that pipes may
break and trigger substantial damage to his house.

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The property owner calls a
heater service technician.

The property owner is
rather shocked at the quantity of the costs since the service technician just
took a couple of minutes to repair the heater; yet he is rather pleased that the
heater is now working which he has actually prevented more extreme issues. He
states to the heater service technician, “Would you mind providing me a detailed
costs?” The heater service technician states, “No problem – I’ll be back shortly.”

The heater service technician
heads out to his van and rapidly returns with the itemized costs. The
property owner confirms that the heater is running well and pays the
heater service technician who then leaves.

The property owner takes a look at
the itemized costs that the heater service technician provided him – it states:

This method of
Insight by means of experiential understanding is just like the story of the
property owner and the heater service technician [who knows via experience]. The
product I show you is a way of experiential self-knowledge,
which belongs to ‘knowing which screw to adjust’ as in the
story above – in this case that ‘screw’ is Insight.

One last thing prior to I
share the rate with you which is that although this product can
advantage everybody it is not for everybody, since you need to do you part
in assisting me share self-knowledge with you. This indicates that I cannot
inform you what the real nature of your being is [I can tell you but it
will not have any meaning unless and until you have had the experience]
which indicates that it is essential for you to check out the workouts and
the remainder of the product such that your understanding is experiential.
In by doing this you make the
comprehending your own and after that you will no
longer require my assistance. In this light I ask that you just get this
product if you want to explore it completely – I can guarantee you that
it is not what you believe, since its nature is beyond believing.

Please comprehend that
the rate might increase as this is an initial rate that is
offered as long as you are seeing this page. I
reserve the right to eliminate this deal and/or change the rate as
I can just work  with a limted variety of individuals at a time.

Stages of the Spiritual Journey is a total work that
does not require anything else to prop it up. Yet my 40 years of constant
yoga practice makes me wish to show you a couple of other things like
the right translation of Ramana Maharshi’s ‘Who Am I?’ – extremely couple of
individuals understand what Ramana Maharsh implied by what he called ‘Atma Vichara’ –
many people believe it is a concern  that needs a psychological response
yet  it is aside from that – the right translation is simply
one page yet it makes a big distinction in your Spiritual Journey.
Nisarga Yoga and  Yoga Nidra are consisted of – these are items that
can be and have actually been offered separately. I’ll likewise consist of a surprise
benefit or more. 

ps – This method
supplies details about the nature of being, yet its core has to do with
helping with Insight by means of the details, workouts and experiments. The
distinction in between intellectual comprehending and the experiential
understanding available by means of this method is the distinction
in between seeing with the mind
[intellectual] and translucenting the
mind [experiential]. This is really life altering.

pps – Is your
understanding of the real nature of being an intellectual understanding
or is it experiential understanding? The large bulk of human
comprehend the real nature of being by means of intellectual understanding,
which indicates that their understanding is conceptual and because the idea
of a thing is not the important things itself, their lives have plenty of dispute and
suffering. On the other hand sages have an experiential understanding of
the real nature of being and utilize intellectual understanding just for
practical functions; therefore for sages there is an ease
of being – which one are you?

This product is for those who desire
experiential understanding – Click Here to get your copy now.

How to Know

You cannot make
understanding out of the real nature of being, yet it can be experienced.

In this light the method
to Know Thyself is by means of experiential understanding, which is
a method of understanding that is various than understanding by means of the material and
activity of the mind – since it is the method of Insight.

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The method of Seven
Stages of the Spiritual Journey is to explain the circumstance and
to come to the option of the concern ‘How to Know Thyself’ 
by means of Insight that is cultivated by checking out the workouts and

Can you offer an
example of experiential understanding?

Yes – Consider the
concern, ‘What is Time?’

Time is a classy
idea that explains experience. The experience holds true yet the
description, the idea, is not the important things itself.

Time [psychological
time] is an idea as the description and procedure of movement that is
experienced as continuous modification. An example that assists with the
understanding of time is a ship taking a trip at a continuous speed in the
open ocean. The location where the ship has actually been, the wake, is called the
past, the location where the ship is yet to go is called the future, and
the ship’s existing position is called now. In by doing this what is called
the past, present and future are descriptions of the ship’s position and

The experience of
continuous, organized, modification enables us to specify systems of time as seconds,
minutes, hours and days etc. and we utilize this classy idea to be able
to prepare things like the ship’s future position. Thus the idea of time
is extremely helpful for practical functions, yet it is extremely considerable to
comprehend that this idea is eventually false, since it is a
idea and not the important things itself. The thing itself is movement as that is
the experience.

Thus the experiential
understanding is to see the practical effectiveness of the idea of time
and yet be extremely clear that this is never ever really skilled aside from as
the psychological description of experience [note that you had to learn to tell
time as a child].

power of experiential understanding is that it is not a belief or
some type of wishful thinking. For example it is
self-evident that experience as what is referred to as ‘now’ is
never ever not the case [this applies to current experience as you are
reading this; it also applies when you have a psychic experience or a
memory as these things are experienced and described as happening ‘now’].

Oscar Wilde stated, “Experience
is the hardest sort of instructor. It provides you the test initially and the
lesson later.”  This holds true since it is just after
the experience that the mind explains the experience and renders it as

Can you offer
another example of experiential understanding?

Yes. Ask the concern ‘Are
you conscious?’ and keep in mind how it is responded to.

Notice that you
comprehend the concern intellectually, which indicates your mind [head].
The response comes when you leave of your head and into your core
[heart] and experience that undoubtedly you know. Then your mind
conceives the experience of knowing and responds to the concern ‘Yes
I understand’.

In by doing this the
experiential response originates from the knowledge of the heart and it is
rendered as understanding by the activity of the mind [the head].

Can you offer a
basic example of the distinction in between intellectual understanding
and experiential understanding?

Yes. Science
is intellectual. Art is experiential.

Science is experiential
when it is used. Art is intellectual when it is examined.

We are undoubtedly drawn to something that
no other element of our lives can provide

– a routine tip that there is
something larger and more vital than who I believe I

“Spirituality is a brave look for the
reality about presence, fearlessly peering into the strange nature
of life.”

See Beauty. Touch Truth. Feel Love. Be Peace.

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