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Do you sometimes feel like everything in life is against you?

That despite your best intentions, you just can’t seem to keep everything together the way you want to

And every day feels dreadful, because you feel fearful of the uncertainties that you are facing in life.

You may have even tried it all – meditation, self-hypnosis, medication prescribed by doctors, and prayers…

But nothing seems to relieve you of the stress and anxiety that overwhelms you on a daily basis,

And your prayers seem to have fallen on deaf ears and gone unanswered.

Yet the more you try to overcome this paralyzing feeling, the more it feels like you are going to crumble from all the pressure.

And you know that your health is taking a big hit because of that.

The worst thing is, you have to keep it all wrapped up under covers and put a smile on your face, so that the people around you don’t judge you for it, or think that you just looking for some sympathy.

But it DOESN’T have to be like this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up every day feeling confident and motivated,

Knowing that you are guided on the path to the life of your dreams, and all your fears and worries are put to rest,

And the debilitating anxiety that used to cripple you having gone far away,

So that you could actually enjoy living the life you have always wanted?

My friend, that is the reason why our paths have crossed today.

Believe it or not, the Angels have asked me to reach out to you, because they told me, that you are in need of help to overcome your biggest frustrations, stress and worries in life.

To be set free from the persistent pain that you have been struggling to deal with on your own.

Because the Angels have been watching over you.

And the time has come for you to break free from your shackles.

Hi, my name is Ansley Reid.

And I have a confession to make…

I didn’t use to believe in ANGELS.

In fact, I used to scoff at the idea that something so out of this world could actually exist.

I used to secretly laugh at people who prayed, thinking that only the weak and gullible needed to do so.

And I had no idea how guilty and terribly wrong I was going to be.

A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with Stage III cancer.

Maybe I had been too oblivious, but she had always seemed strong and healthy to me.

The news of the diagnosis hit me hard.

But it hit my mom even harder.

She tried to put on a strong front at first, assuring me that she would definitely recover and everything would be alright.

Like all mothers, she didn’t want her children to be worried about her.

But the treatment, hospital visits and financial stress eventually took a toll on her, not just physically, but mentally as well.

She lost her cheerful disposition, and every time I looked at her, it felt like a part of her was being devoured by cancer day by day.

As she went through more and more chemo therapy sessions, her hair began to fall off.

She looked less and less energetic.

It felt like my heart had been pierced by a thousand needles.

My mom raised me single-handedly.

She was a single mother and she has always played a big part in my life.

Through the good and bad times, she was always there for me.

And as her only child, I’m all that she has.

We are the most important people to each other.

Losing her, would mean losing the world to me.

As time goes by, I felt overwhelmingly lost.

I did not know how to comfort her as it seemed like no words could take the pain away from her.

We were running out of time.

And I desperately wanted to do something for her.

Yet I was also getting torn apart gradually from the stress and exhaustion,

Of having to juggle my business, taking care of my her and footing the overwhelming hospitals bills.

Just when I thought things would get better.

My worst fears had come true.

After  about eight chemo therapy sessions as the doctor has prescribed, the results did not turn out well at all.

The doctor had advised to either continue with MORE chemo sessions, or to go for an intensive surgery to remove her tumor.

This surgery would be very risky for her if we took it.

Inside my mind, I was breaking down mentally and emotionally.

For the first time in my life, I found myself desperately seeking for miracles to happen.

Worst of all, I had absolutely no idea how to pray for a miracle.

As I left the doctors room, I decided to not waste any time in finding solutions.

I did what most people would do in my situation – I turned to Google.

I used my cellphone and I typed “how to pray for a miracle”.

The information I found was at best… confusing.

But that didn’t stop me from praying fervently.

I had to – my mom was the most important person to me in my life.

Except that my mom’s condition continued getting worse.

One day, the doctor approached me and asked me to be mentally prepared for the worst case scenario.

They were not optimistic about my mom’s situation, and felt that it was beyond their abilities to treat my mom.

At this point in time, the remaining hope that I had left, got sucked out of me and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I rushed to the toilet with tears flowing down my cheeks uncontrollably…

I locked myself up in one of the cubicles, trying to keep my volume down as I cried.

I was having a mental and emotional breakdown.

My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding so fast…

In my mind, I was screaming out loud.

“Why does this have to happen?”

“What did a strong good-hearted lady like my mom do to deserve this!”

“What am I supposed to do to save her?!”

Questions went through my mind one after another

After some time, I handled to collected myself, cleaned my tears and repaired my comprise prior to leaving the medical facility.

I took a fast look at my watch.

I understood that I haven’t consumed anything considering that breakfast so I chose to have a look around to see if I might get a fast bite prior to heading house.

Most stores were nearby then.

“Thank god!” I thought to myself.

I quickened my steps and walked briskly towards the shop.

To my dismay, it was not a restaurant or deli.

A very antique looking one too.

Feeling disappointed, I turned to walk away…

The lights on the sign outside the shop flickered.

I turned my head back towards the store and the lights were back on.

As though it was trying to tell me something.

Curious and puzzled, I somehow felt drawn to enter the shop.

“Might as well,” I thought.

Maybe I could buy a book or magazine for my mom to keep her entertained in the hospital.

As I entered the shop, the shopkeeper was a quaint old man, with a cheerful smile on his face.

I quietly walked around the book shop, not wanting to make eye contact or conversation with him as I was too exhausted after the long day.

Perhaps I was really too tired, as I couldn’t seem to find anything that might suit my mom’s reading tastes.

A friendly voice called out to me before I could make my exit.

“Young lady, perhaps you might be interested in this?”

I turned and stared at the old man.

He smiled at me and pointed to the book he was holding.

“The Ultimate Prayer”

Wanting to quickly get home to get some rest, I shuffled towards the counter and grabbed the book without taking a second look and paid for it, leaving the shop without a word.

The next morning, as I was rushing to leave the house for work, the book that I have bought dropped out from my hand bag.

It had reminded me of how antique looking the shop was. Just as the book itself.

I picked it up and left it on the table.

Suddenly, I received a call from my staff that our client had postponed the meeting.

I sighed as the thoughts of the piling hospital bills came to my mind.

I didn’t need to rush off until my next appointment.

I decided to make myself a sandwich.

As I was sitting on the couch eating my sandwich, I starred at the old book which I have left on the table.

Skeptical, yet curious.. I decided to open it.

“No harm done anyway, I’ve already paid for it.” I stated to myself.

I started to check out the book.

Like all the books and short articles that I have actually checked out in the previous about the Angels and prayers, it started by describing where they originated from and presented a long list of Angels.

As I will roll my eyes and put the book down…

One of the pages captured my eye.

“For those in requirement, aid is on the method. Ask and you will get”

It felt as though a powerful force was trying to tell me something.

Somehow, I was compelled to finish the book and the more I read, the more it made sense to me.

Little did I know that the information in this antiquated book was going to change my life FOREVER!

The book had explained in specific detail the do’s and don’ts when trying to pray for miracles and the right way people in ancient times asked for help from the angels.”

There were so much knowledge and wisdom contained in this book as compared to what I have read on the internet.

“No question it didn’t work!” I thought to myself.

Being almost Sherlock like, I managed to finish the entire book in the next 1 hour.

As I closed the book, I felt a deep sense of inner peace began to flow through me.

For the first time, I actually REGAINED hope.

The stress, worries and anxieties on my mind were lifted off.

I felt super relaxed and a little sleepy.

Looking at the time, I figured I had another 2 hours to spare before I head off to my next meeting, so I decided to take a quick nap.

As I closed my eyes and drifted off…

I felt a sensation like never before.

A strong gust wind was blowing at my face relentlessly, as if a vacuum had sucked my soul out from my face in between my brows.

It was so quick that I couldn’t really react.

The next moment, I found myself floating in my living room and when I looked down, I saw myself lying on the couch.

My furniture looked a little different in size but I knew I was at home.

I began to panic, but something told me not to worry.

A being of light was beside me, and I couldn’t really tell how it looked like. I just knew it was there.

It told me that his name was Raphael.

At that period of time, it wasn’t like the physical world.

Everything was being communicated via thoughts and feelings and not words.

Raphael had told me that everything was going to be fine, and that he was going to show me how to reach out to him if I was ever in need.

I could remember that for the entire time, light was flowing to and through me from Raphael and it was the best feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life.

In that world, it felt like hours, but as my alarm clock rang from my cellphone, I woke up immediately.

Deep down, I KNEW it was NOT a dream.

I immediately opened the book and flipped through the pages, realizing that I had just encountered Archangel Raphael.

Fueled by hope and conviction, I decided to pray to Archangel Raphael the way he had shown me.

After 5 mins, I was done with the prayer and hurried to leave the house for my next meeting.

Along the way, I had a phone call from my staff, saying that we had 2 new enquiries who were very keen on engaging our services.

I smiled as I hung up the phone, not thinking much as I was more concerned about how my mother was doing that day.

The next meeting was over.

The client I met had decided to make a HUGE order from my company, one that would sustain my business at least the next couple of years.

That would also mean that my mother’s hospital bills would be fully covered and I would not have to worry about making ends meet.

I thanked him for his business, maintaining my professionalism, and went to the pantry.

I was filled with gratitude and overwhelmed with tears.

I thought to myself, “Oh my god!”

“Could this be the doing of my Archangel Raphael?”

“Could this be the power of the prayer?”

Happy yet still unconfirmed, that didn’t stop me from racing to the hospital to test out my “newfound powers” on my mommy.

She informed me she felt much better after the session we had, however I was uncertain due to the fact that who understands if she was simply attempting to make me feel much better.

Day after day, I would vigilantly carry out the prayer, following the actions revealed by Archangel Raphael and no words might explain the euphoria I felt in those minutes.

Even though I was going through a bumpy ride, I wasn’t depressed any longer.

The sensation of vulnerability and anguish disappeared.

I felt less nervous about my mommy’s scenario and I had a sense of conviction that whatever will be reversed.

I just had something in mind.

To continue wishing my mommy.

Fast forward to a number of months down the roadway.

It was time for the next medical professional’s evaluation.

As my mommy and I anxiously sat throughout the medical professional’s desk, we observed his response as he checked out the reports.

He took a deep breathe, put down the documents, and stated.

“It seems that your tumor has reduced significantly and you no longer need to undergo chemo therapy.”

“However, we will still need to closely monitor your situation for the next few months before we can confirm that you are free of cancer.”

My mom and I looked at each other and tears of joy flowed down our cheeks. No words can explain the amount of gratitude we were feeling.

After months of battling cancer, this has finally come to an end – in the best way possible.

True enough, over the next few weeks, she was declared cancer-free!

Eventually she regained her healthy complexion, her hair and her immune system went back to normal.

The doctors were all astounded by the speed of recovery that was deemed impossible for my mom’s case.

To date, they were puzzled, yet at the same time called it a medical miracle.

But only my mom and I knew the secret.

It was a moment that I had prayed for, a miracle that I desperately desired.

And it had been sent by the angels.

During one of my sessions with Archangel Raphael,

I have asked if there was a name to this prayer.

The words “Angelum Lucis” came to my mind as I finished the prayer.

I didn’t know what it meant but as I went to do my research, it meant “Angel’s light” in Latin.

It made good sense due to the fact that lot of times, I have actually seen an intense light boiling down from the sky as I was carrying out the prayer.

Occasionally, I would see the wings of an angel.

It was a sight of paradise and it was so stunning.

Archangel Raphael had actually likewise informed me that this prayer has actually just been given to a minority of humans considering that the ancient times.

It has actually considering that ended up being the forgotten prayer of the angels.

He asked that I might teach it to individuals with authentic hearts who will not abuse this powers.

Ever ever since, I have actually shared the mentors of “Angelum Lucis” with numerous individuals.

Many who were doubtful in the beginning, however gradually have actually ended up being real followers.

And at the same time, many individuals have actually gotten in touch with their angels and produced wonders in their lives.

More notably, they have actually discovered the secret to breaking devoid of their shackles and discover inner peace from the worries and concerns that utilized to afflict them.

In doing so, they not just enhanced the quality of their lives, however likewise discovered that they experienced wonders and enhancements in all locations of their lives.

I attempted constantly to discover more copies of the book – I wished to share this fantastic info with more individuals, however I simply couldn’t discover another copy.

The book store had actually inexplicably shut down, and no one appeared to understand where I might discover the store keeper.

It practically appeared as though the whole book shop and the store keeper was an angel in camouflage. I wouldn’t be too shocked.

As I taught a growing number of individuals, I understood a couple of things…

1. The book I had actually initially purchased was truly intricate and it seems like an user’s manual which consists of numerous pages.

2. If I were to continue teaching this, I might just connect to a lot of individuals simultaneously.

With that in mind, I have actually distilled and improved the procedure and produced a basic, reliable and effective guide to connect to more individuals who wonder to discover this forgotten prayer of angels.

After all, I just have 24 hr a day.

And that my buddy, is why you are here today.

To recover yourself and to get rid of any clogs that might be holding you back from living the life that you really should have.

Introducing Angelum Lucis.

If you wish to conquer the sensation of vulnerability that is frustrating you, and reclaim control of your life, then Angelum Lucis is the missing out on piece of the puzzle that you have actually been looking for.

By using the laws of getting in touch with the Angels and carrying out Angelum Lucis, you will begin to welcome every day of your life happily.

The fear you utilized to feel will vanish, and be changed with an interest and peace that you have actually just imagined.

You will no longer require any of the other items that you have actually attempted in the past to no impact.

You will no longer be pestered by the tension and stress and anxiety that you have actually been having a hard time to keep under control and making you feel paralyzed.

Your health will immediately progress due to the fact that of the recovery powers of the Angels.

And your prayers will LASTLY be addressed.

Not just that, your life will seem like it got UPDATED in all locations, due to the fact that as soon as you discover how to get in touch with the Angels, you will start to tap on their limitless powers.

Angelum Lucis is the outcome of lots of days and months of studying and refining and experimentation.

A great deal of energy and time was taken into making the procedure of getting in touch with the Angels as simple to comprehend and follow as possible.

These tricks were shown individuals around me for them to check out, and from their outcomes, I even more distilled and improved the info so that it works much better and more regularly for everybody.

The tricks and info in Angelum Lucis might alter your life as it has with numerous other individuals.

Here’s among my trainee’s reviews.

I need to state that our relationship has actually ended up being the very best thing that occurred to me in my life. Because I got to discover very first hand from you about what has actually ended up being a wonder over the previous couple of weeks.

Angelum Lucis is by far the most effective prayer I have actually ever been taught. Not just did I begin feeling more in control of my life, a few of the issues that have actually been pestering me for the longest time have actually inexplicably been dealt with by themselves without any additional effort made on my part.

Thank you a lot for sharing Angelum Lucis with me!

Maybe you have actually never ever been a spiritual individual and question if this item might work for you, considering that it includes angels.

Or perhaps you have actually attempted lots of other items that included meditation, hypnosis, or perhaps prayers, and they did not work for you – similar to I had actually experienced.

Or perhaps you simply think that you don’t should have the true blessings of the Angels due to the fact that of your past.

But let me ensure you that Angelum Lucis will work for you, no matter who you remain in this present minute, or what you have actually performed in the past.

Because the Angels don’t evaluate you.

As long as you approach this with an open mind and heart, and are not out to do hurt to the world or other individuals.

Angelum Lucis is not a spiritual routine.

It has to do with getting in touch with the Angels and attuning with the energy of the Angels.

And that is why it might work for almost anybody.

I have actually experienced very first hand how effective the prayer and info consisted of within Angelum Lucis can be.

And I desire YOU to have the capability to break devoid of your shackles and live the life you really should have.

Because through getting in touch with the Angels, I found that my enthusiasm in life has to do with assisting individuals to attain their capacity in life.

The understanding that is shared within Angelum Lucis is spiritual and effective.

Normally, an item like this would not even exist.

To me, it feels unreasonable to be investing that sort of cash and it makes me question how authentic the “instructors” are.

With Angelum Lucis, it’s going to be various.

You will get access to this understanding and have the ability to change your life through a simple to follow yet extensive procedure and effective prayer.

I am not going to charge you an arm and a leg for this.

I understand that times are difficult, and I desire this to be as budget-friendly to everybody as possible.

For the cost of a meal for 2, you will get instantaneous access to this effective prayer.

Not just that, you will likewise discover how to get in touch with the Angels and tap on their magnificent powers – action by action.

And I am going to be here for you every action of the method to assist you and assist you.

Click the button listed below to SET YOURSELF FREE

from the shackles that have actually held you back till now.

If you order today, I am going to include an unique bonus offer simply for you!

You will get a thoroughly crafted track that is created to enhance your outcomes and accelerate your development.

By utilizing these specifically crafted noises, you will discover that you have the ability to attune with the Angels a lot more quickly.

You have definitely nothing to lose in checking out Angelum Lucis.

I am definitely positive that you will experience a life altering improvement by getting in touch with the Angels,

And tapping on their powers by carrying out the prayer.

In truth, I don’t desire your cash if it doesn’t work for you.

Because my objective is to assist YOU to launch the worries and unfavorable feelings that you are dealing with, and to assist you discover how to tap on the Angels’ powers to recover yourself and individuals around you.

If it doesn’t work for you for some factor, I will happily offer your refund to you within 60 days of your purchase.

All I ask is for you to dedicate to checking out the actions and actions that I will be showing you.

Without Angelum Lucis, I would never ever have actually restored the liberty that I have actually constantly dreamed about. And I thank you from deep within my heart for that.

For somebody that never ever thought in anything spiritual or spiritual, taking the leap of faith was specifically challenging for me in the beginning.

But I am so pleased that I did.

The Angels guide me on my real course now and I feel so empowered that I have the ability to tap on their powers to do helpful for individuals around me.

I’ve attempted a lot of other items in the market in the past however none worked.

You have actually offered what in my experience is the most simple and effective method to get my prayers addressed.

I thank the Angels for their true blessings every day now, and certainly would motivate anybody who seems like they might utilize a little increase in their life to offer this a shot.

Click the button listed below to SET YOURSELF FREE

from the shackles that have actually held you back till now.

You are now prepared to live the life of your dreams, devoid of the worries and concerns that you have actually been concealing all these while… and get in touch with the Angels to tap on their limitless powers.

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