Quintilian’s The Orator’s Education (VOLUME 1)



Books 1 and 2, handle early youth education. Trivial as it might appear today, Quintilian believed it essential to talk about subjects such as what should the moms and dads do: inform the kid in the house or send him to school; critical skill and personality; the mentor of grammar (finding barbarisms and solecisms); reading of the classics; discipline; nature versus support; is rhetoric and art—does it have any ethical worth? Is it beneficial? Etc.
Educators, instructors of all levels, historians, authors, trainees of the law, speakers, speakers, political leaders, administrators, supervisors, and company executives, will discover these conversations informing. A well-rounded education ought to consist of the reading of all the books in Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria.

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Product Name: quintilian the orator’s education

Quintilian’s The Orator’s Education (VOLUME 1)

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