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The highlight? You don’t need to be a football betting expert to do what he does! All you need is follow his system and reap astonishing profits!

You, too, can achieve these amazing stats just by following his betting system!

So you don’t think you can make a living off football betting? What if I told you that you can make your bets earn a steady side income for you?

At Bettor Experience, you will learn to avoid the mistakes 99% of losing punters make and start making healthy payout from your betting activities.

Look, I want you to become a better punter.

I want you to make informed profitable bets.

Above all, I want you to turn your heavy losses into hefty profits!

The betting industry does not want you to know these secrets, ahem tips.

Bookies want you to stay emotional. They want you to unconditionally love and support your team. They want you to lose so you increase your bets. When I started, I did all of the above and more. I was a bookie’s delight! A golden goose that never stopped giving.

Today, I beat the bookies in their own game and make a cool 10-12% annual return on football betting and I want to share my system with you. But before we can get to that part, let me give you five reasons why 99% of the punters lose their money betting on football.

Hate me as much as you want but planning is crucial to winning.

The first mistake a lot of punters make is that they do not plan.

You check your bank balance, look under the bed for a spare penny and make a bet based on what you have and then compound your woes further taking ill-disciplined, on-the-spot decisions of increasing bets for future games, all because you lost yesterday! Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Understand that losing yesterday has nothing to do with winning tomorrow. All or nothing bets often result in heavy losses.

Start by having a staking plan and manage your bankroll effectively. Poor management of money is the road that leads towards shattered confidence and despair.

Bettor Experience believes immensely in planning and picking winners. This is the one area where you can rely heavily on the system and tips.

Bookies are making betting online easy and accessible because they want you to over-bet. Over betting pulls you into a vicious cycle of loss-making bets. So many games, so many leagues in so many countries. You cannot plan effectively if you spread your bets too thin.

If you lose, you lose. Forget it and start afresh, don’t increase your bets, trying new leagues, riding on hunches.

Stopping gives you a chance to reevaluate your strategy, revise your action plan, pick a new champ.

Don’t fall into the bookie’s trap by over betting.

Trust me; you’re not alone in this.

Did you make a bet because your pub buddies told you it was a sure win? Did you glance the team sheet and felt this was your day? Well, if taking calls based on a whim was the way to go, then everybody would be expert bettors.

There are stats online that offer some insight into upcoming games. Dive deep, understand what the numbers are suggesting. Know what information to trust and what to steer clear of.

Remember, the blind only see the dark. Don’t be blind… Choose to see the light. Or let us see it for you at Bettor Experience and reap all the profits ????

Really? Is that what you think? Well then, we should all drink and drive all the time. Go to war drunk and come back home sober.

Every thing seems doable when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When results don’t go your way, you think that it was a fluke and that ‘next bet’ is surely going to be better than the last. But this is where you are going wrong!

A big mistake that most bettors do is place stakes while the game is underway and they have downed a few or are high! In both situations, your mind is fuzzy, meaning you’ll always lack clarity when it comes to taking informed and strategic decisions.

I am not saying you give up alcohol or pot – no, just DON’T place bets when you are intoxicated. It is that simple!

Feel strongly for a team or your favorite player? Think it will win you a bet? Did it work for you the last time? How much did you win, if you did win in fact? I can’t say this enough… Do not bet just because you have a favorite side. Perspectives are a dangerous thing in football betting.

Having a good day.. got that gut feeling… on your lucky streak… your team’s on a roll? Don’t be an emotional fool!

And there you go, five simple tips to get you started.

Bettor Experience wouldn’t have been a success if I personally did not follow those five tips.

I agree, we only just met. And, I am not giving you complicated excel spreadsheets, statistics, DIY gobbledygook, insider information and all those jazzy things floating around the internet. So, why would you listen to me?

Because I was like you once upon a time!

Hi! My name is Roderick and I too began as a heavy punter mainly betting on major European and Asian football matches. Just like you, I too was betting from the heart and losing tons of money in the process.

Then, came the this match, England vs Switzerland – a simple 1×2 bet or so I thought. So I bet on the home team, England to win.

That’s when I decided I had enough of my “poor luck” and needed to turn things around. I was dejected and angry because, deep down, I believed that football betting shouldn’t be so damn difficult. It should be simple and predictable.

It was only after I read the book, Soccermatics that I understood how mathematics and statistics could make soccer betting more predictable and reliable. That conviction led me to put together a set of systems based on the statistics of the current season.

The result? Better Experience was born.

I applied this system the following season, corrected any errors that crept up in the analysis and improved the overall prediction for that season. I repeated this process for seven years until I was satisfied that the system needs no more tinkering.

Bettor Experience continues to make me steady profits even on bets with little odds. If you just want the tips and nothing more then this is the right place for you. If you want to create your own system just like I did, even then this the right place to start.

You are here to find out how Bettor Experience make you profits, well at least stop you from making lossing bets.

Here are just a few reasons which will convince you why you need to say a big YES to the Bettor Experience service.

Yes! You read it right. Bettor Experience is a tried and tested system that have reaped a ROI of 10% to 15% every year for over 7 years. And, once you get access to the Bettor Experience tips, you have the winning formula right there, at your finger tips, every week, straight into your inbox.

There is nothing for you to do except open your inbox weekly and follow the tips we provide.

We will do the heavy lifting, crunch the statistics and give you a list of games to bet.

Don’t join an tipster sites that provide tips for every games in every country.

We believe in specializing and our major focus is on major European Football leagues like the English Premier League (EPL), Bundesliga, LaLiga and Serie A and Asian Football leagues such as China Super League and J League 1 & 2.

This is our expertise and we offer this rich experience to you on a platter to enjoy!

Over betting kills and that’s the truth.

Which is why you will only be given on average of 2 games a day or 11 bets per week. This helps you to maintain a controlled betting plan which also helps in developing a discipline for sport betting.

We do not just throw you tips and expect you to make money from it.

Once you are a member, we will guide you in managing your bankroll effectively by advising you on creating a fixed staking plan. With us, you would never have to expose yourself to risk that you cannot afford.

We are not the ‘get rich quick’ type tipster website. On the contrary, we are here for the long haul. With the Bettor Experience Tipster service, you get weekly tips right into your inbox, where all you have to do is follow them and watch your profits grow, steadily, NOT quickly.

Now, why do I say this? Am I that confident of my service? Yes, I am and that is because Bettor Experience is the fruit of all my research, failings, corrections and and a constant urge to perfect the system. It is backed by several long years of research and data analysis of every major European and Asian football league.

Remember when I said earlier that football betting should be simple and predictable. I stand by that principle because I made profits and continue to do so from the same tipster service that I am offering to you here.

So long as you follow all the advice and bet according to tips that I provide, you shall see a gradual yet steady increase in your bank roll.

Let’s say you have done all that I’ve asked you to do, and still do not see any changes in your bank roll or betting habits. Then you can request a full refund within 60 days of joining and I will return you your money, no questions asked.

Not only that, you get to keep my punter starter kit, which contains the top teams to bet on Over 2.5, and my ‘Over 2.5 Formula’.

Your money is safe, whether you decide to stick with Bettor Experience and enjoy the wins from your football bets, or not. The choice, as always, is yours.

If you think that this sounds too good to be true, then you might as well let me know within the trial period.

This means that there’s zero risks in joining now!

For Weekday tips (Monday – Thursday) we will send out one day in advance at 12.30am (GMT +8).

For Weekend tips (Friday – Sunday), we will send out on Friday 12.30am (GMT +8).

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee to ensure if you are not satisfied you can have your full payment back. We also suggest betting at small stakes at first and reinvesting profits so you are betting with the bookies cash. Betting isn’t risk free so we advise to only bet what you can realistically afford to lose.

A lot of “tipsters” are not qualified to tip. They just guess and don’t have the experience or skill it takes. I have tested and research this method for years and work extremely hard to give you the very best win bets each week.

In my opinion most free tipsters are incredibly dangerous to follow. Unlike paid services they have no obligation to keep members happy or in profit. They often have no records of profit and loss and are not as selective or skilled as a professional tipster.

Yes you can bet in any country in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

This service is a DOUBLE Accumulator service. You will receive tips on games that we believe a team will win.

We time stamp the odds on the email, so they are always available when we send the email out. Football prices are fairly stable on the leagues we bet on, so it should be easy to get the prices.

Anyone can potentially profit from our tips. There is nothing complicated to follow and we have fully tested this for years and seen great results.

No. We will give you the bookie with best odds, but you can bet with who you wish and don’t require loads of accounts.

Of course! If you wish to cancel just email us at and we will stop your membership.

Generally it will be on the Premier Leagues. E.g EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bunderliga etc. We will also bet on Asian leagues such as China Super League and J League 1 and 2 and K-League. As of now, we are be wagering on 18 leagues.

Please email us at and we will make sure you get your membership set up correctly. Please allow us time to respond we reply to ALL emails.

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