Horse racing system, wagering systems, earn money online, laying horses on betfair, shown laying system, lay wagering, betfair, laying favourites, incorrect favourites, online wagering exchanges,betfair trading, punting on horses,racing pointers, sports wagering, weak favourites

Horse racing system, wagering systems, earn money online, laying horses on betfair, shown laying system, lay wagering, betfair, laying favourites, incorrect favourites, online wagering exchanges,betfair trading, punting on horses,racing pointers, sports wagering, weak favourites

I`m not going to insult your intelligence or turn to ridiculous clichés and ludicrous claims by informing YOU that….

“I Make £500 a week laying horses because I don’t.” 
“I Lay horses at £100 a time, because I don’t”
“By utilizing this system you will be acting the like a bookmaker, you wont”
“I make more in a day than we utilized to make in a week, due to the fact that I don’t”

What I want to do is reveal you how to make sensible earnings utilizing False-Favourites.Check out the great outcomes my system has actually produced… OUTCOMES

Betfair Accredited Trainer Reveals Why…Picking Losing Favourites Consistently Isn’t The Walk In The Park So Called Experts Are Claiming…It’s Based Around  Proven Statistics And Having Access To The Very Best System. The issue is with a lot buzz and BS around on the web who can YOU rely on enough to part with YOUR tough made money, keep reading and discover

Betfair recognized fitness instructor

Would you like the responses to these concerns therefore much more like them? 

Like me you are most likely tired checking out sales adverts for…hyped-up overpriced systems assuring to make you life altering amounts of cash within weeks.

These adverts are focused on unskilled punters and have lots of ludicrous clichés and empty guarantees they cannot potentially provide. They sound terrific in concept however seldom fill your checking account. In the real life things simply aren’t like that.
Come on lets be sensible the number of of you men in fact think that you can go from a full-time task to expert la yer in simply a couple of weeks utilizing the most recent wonder system that just takes 10 minutes a day to execute.

These individuals are overall rip-off artists attempting to pull the wool over your eyes. Furthermore who can truthfully state that that they might pay for to lay horses at £100 a time extremely couple of I would envision.

This web advert isn’t developed to trick you, however rather assist you acquire a much better understanding what sort of system you require to make constant low danger make money from laying horses, after all…

YOU might purchase loads of other over priced wagering systems and still battle to discover one that produces routine make money from ordinary wagering. Believe me I’ve currently done that for YOU

Over the years I’ve checked “tons”; and investigated a huge quantity of details and data about racing, all of which has actually cost me a little fortune. I wouldn’t state it’s been simple, however absolutely the very best thing to come out of all this effort is the reality that I can now see the…

larger photo of why such a little portion of punters make any cash at racing

To be truthful most punters are their own worst opponents and typically they will bank on any old race, which is absolutely the quickest method to the bad home. There is simply far excessive racing around at present; a minimum of  80% of it need to be entirely overlooked as a wagering medium.

Being selective and finding out to specialize is necessary if you wish to prosper and benefit long-lasting from racing.

Most of what you check out the sport is media buzz entirely based upon rumour and the current kind of a horse. The TELEVISION experts enjoy pricing quote ineffective little truths to provide Joe public something to go on, don’t forget countless punters are hearing precisely the exact same information as you. Subsequently any worth there was to have about the favourite has actually been damaged by every male and his pet backing it, which indecently is excellent news for us layers, due to the fact that…

When we do find an incorrect favourite we desire lay them at the quickest rate possible.

One of the most significant errors unskilled punters make when checking out kind is they take whatever at stated value. You actually require to understand how to rapidly recognize what is very important in choosing whether a horse will lose. This needs reading in between the lines a little , which is an ability, however like any other it can be taught. 

Up to date details is crucial

Racing is not unlike any other sport in the sense that there are essential guidelines however it can alter with time. For example brand-new training techniques can be presented, course drain and qualities can alter; even the time of year will have a bearing on outcomes. Trainers seldom preserve constant kind for a whole season.

These are simply a few of the lots of aspects that effect how a racing system will carry out with time

In other words something that worked well a couple of years back might not deal with any consistency now, due to external aspects not represented in there initial conception. Any excellent system ought to be upgraded regularly when brand-new external aspects are found, which might eventually impact future efficiency and success.

I would like to assist you make constant make money from laying favourites… 

And show you all the effective details that I’ve discovered the tough method through experimentation throughout the years. Everything that now allows me to make a reasonable day-to-day earnings from racing.

Don’t waste another minute of your valuable time, or cash on any of those other pricey ineffective systems, or tipping services that simply lose cash.

Believe me I’ve currently existed and back two times over, got the tee shirt. All this research study and far more has actually entered into developing my system incorrect favourites, which will reveal you precisely how to make constant earnings laying horses over; Jumps on the Flat and the All Weather, in addition you will get all the updates and brand-new advancements to my system as they take place absolutely complimentary for life.

I want to present you to a system that in fact works and makes good earnings consistantly…

The Ultimate Laying System

A totally detailed “How To Guide” revealing YOU precisely how to set about making sensible make money from laying INCORRECT FAVOURITES on Betfair

Included in my extremely rewarding system are the precise techniques I utilize every day.

Learn How To Become A Profitable Punter Right NOW!

Get a FREE copy of…”HOW TO AVOID THE 10 DEADLY MISTAKES 95% OF ALL PUNTERS MAKE ” (Worth £29.99) This 33 page ebook exposes the *Closely Guarded Betting Secrets* Pro Gamblers utilize every day to remove reckless errors and capitalize the ideal wagering opportunaties.

Just fill in your information listed below and download it within the next couple of minutes. WHICH not all, YOU will likewise get access to “The same secrets PRO LAYERS keep closely guarded “

Simply enter your main e-mail address and click the


You can be guaranteed we will never ever share your e-mail with any one else, we appreciate you confidentialty 100%. You will likewise be pleased to understand unlike others we won`t bombard your inbox with ineffective e-mails promoting HYPED up BETTING SYSTEMS that dont work…

Just quality FREE details about making routine make money from banking on horses.

COMPLETELY UPADTED for 2009-2010 The handbook now consists of clear directions on – how to browse, discover and examine all the racing aspects of the brand-new site. I have actually produced a really comprenhesive guide to assist everybody get the very best usage out of the website.

EXPOSED: The essential distinctions in between each kind of race in both flat and National hunt racing. Knowing the distinctions in between handicaps, maidens, newbies, sellers and claimers are crucial. All races are not the exact same. Years of data show that specific kinds of races have actually shown to be the most rewarding for laying the favourites in. I will teach you which to wager and which to prevent.

DISCUSSED: Why laying horse on the flat isn’t the like laying over dives or on the A.W. You require to use a somewhat various set of guidelines to have equivalent success at all 3. False Favourites plainly reveals you what to try to find and highlights the risks to prevent.

DISCUSSED: How to analyze the days race cards and rapidly discover short-priced favourites that have a really slim possibility of winning

EXPOSED: The aspects that ensure favourites less most likely to win their races. Everything is plainly discussed, revealing you precisely what to try to find. I have even  consisting of a complete evidence guide of “How to interoperate all the crucial kind details”, complete with screen shots so even a total beginner can follow.

EXPOSED:Why most horses are favourite simply based upon their most recent form. Bookies know that most punters are unable to put previous form in to context with a horse’s current race. Subsequently they don’t look any further than a horse’s last time out finishing position; a deadly mistake we can profit from.

I will teach you how to tell the difference between the odds on favourite that will romp home and the one that has no chance; leaving YOU With a very low risk lay bet.

Britain’s racecourse are the most varied of any racing nation in the world. Favourites often lose because they weren’t able to handle the track. With False Favourites you get not one but two complete UK racecourse guides with all the essential characteristics and vital statistics for each course clearly explained. With a quick glance at these guides you will instantly be able to identify races and tracks where the favourites win well below 30% of the time.

EXPOSED: Why other lay systems fail to make a profit all year round. Racing isn’t like any other sport and there so many factors that need to be considered, especially the time if year, after all we are dealing with animals not machines. Opportunities and conditions change and we need to adapt with those changes to remain in profit consistently. There are certain months in each race code that you need to be aware of, as they can be more profitable for laying favourites than others.

Real examples of races I actually layed the favourites including screen shots with complete analysis, and explanations behind my reasons for doing so.

EXPOSED: The myth of when to place your lay bets to secure the lowest odds and minimize any potential loses. This is in total contradiction to what everyone else is telling YOU. Don’t follow the herd everyone knows the sheep get fleeced.

DISCOVER:How to avoid the costly mistakes most punters make by overplaying the market. This is why most other systems produce up and down results.

How to create a risk free bet following the money in the market. This technique will reduce your liability to around one and half points on nearly every bet, essential if you want to build your betting bank

Betting bank management and safe staking strategies clearly explained. These will give you guaranteed profits and help you grow your betting bank in a safe and realistic way

Have YOU ever bet knowing YOU will win 85% of the time

YOU definitely will be able too, once YOU own this system…The proven methods I describe will make it clear that you have a powerful resource at your disposal, giving you a very valuable edge over 95% of all punters. The statistics are firmly on your side.

Don’t just take my word… Read What other Satisfied customers are saying…

Superb laying system, best I’ve seen and works at treat, many thanks

Regards Christopher Tyne & Wear UK

When I first saw your add I was a bit sceptical about buying the system. I’ve tried other more expensive lay methods before without much success. They say you have to try a few before you find one that works, your system definitely does. Now I know why I wasn’t making any money before. I was using the wrong systems.

I’d like to thank you for providing me with a way to make a nice second income, false favourites is an absolutely brilliant method for selecting horses that have little chance of winning.

Cheers. Jeff from Bradford UK

False Favourites is a excellent system that actually works surprisingly. Jon doesn’t advise you to lay loads of horses a day like others do. Not only that he gives full explanations on why certain favourites are likely to lose their races in an easy to understand way.

Since buying the book my knowledge of racing has increased immensely. It explains a lot more about racing than just laying horses. Being able to see the bigger picture has stopped me from repeating many of my past mistakes. In my opinion its wrong tell you to do something without explaining why, which is exactly what others systems do, thankfully not this one.

Many thanks. Dave from Edinburgh UK

I would like to teach YOU how to make realistic daily profits from laying horses with my easy to use system.

When I first starting betting on horses I used tipsters for my selections thinking that I was getting the best advice. Over the years I’ve tried many services and to be honest most of them fell into the category of what I would call the con zone..

They quoted unbelievable results in a glossy brochure and the minute I joined hit losing run after losing run, or gave me obvious short priced selections that I could have obtained for free in most daily newspapers. Most of us have been there at some stage in our betting, if you haven’t… be wary it can prove costly.

Eventualy I decided to test as many systems as I could, the results were interesting to say the least, in fact…

the majority of systems failed because they were far to vague and general in their approach to laying horses

Racing is an inexact science and can be pretty unpredictable at times. Having said that there are predictable elements we can identify in order to determine that a horse won’t perform to its optimum ability.

To do this accurately we need to be methodical in our approach getting just the right balance between, form, statistics and personal psychology. To achieved this objective we need all the vital strands of information available to us? So after examining everything in great detail it became apparent to me that…

A totally new approach into studying racing fundamentals was needed

All systems work on the principle of following a set of predefined rules which should be implemented when certain conditions are met; this all well and good, but in order to implement those rules properly on the correct type of horses in the right races you really need to know more about the sport…

Ignoring the finer details is often the difference between profit and loss

For example – It started to become apparent that laying horses on the flat wasn’t the same as laying horses over jumps and a slightly different set of rules was needed to have equal success at both.

Out of all the systems I’d tried not one had a separate set of rules for the three different race codes, something I definitely needed to address

Other obvious flaws included, advising punters to lay far too many selections per day;laying horses at larger odds, definitely risky as you all know the odd 14/1 shot will win on occasions and could potentially wipe out your bank in an instance.

Probably the most important area that so many systems failed to acknowledge was that…

Years of statistics don’t lie…

Especially when linked to specific types of races. If we Avoid races where the favourites have high winning strike rates, and concentrate on the remainder that don’t a big advantage over the crowd can be obtained. After all Britain’s racecourses are the most varied in the world.

The 30% winning average for favourites which is so often publicised is just that; an average and is by know means the whole picture.

I have spent many months analysing the most recent 10-year statistics for both flat and national hunt codes. The results are so conclusive that they cannot be ignored. It is no coincidence that the bookies like to sponsor certain races more than others; luring the undisciplined punting masses into their honey trap with over generous odds.

Would you like to know which race types and which courses produce the most losing favourites?

Once you own this system you will. Information such as this will tell you almost instantly, which favourites have the odds totally staked against them before they even race.

All this research and much more has gone into creating my system false favourites, which will show you exactly how to make consistent profits laying horses over Jumps on the Flat-turf and the All Weather. Furthermore you will get all the updates and new developments to my system as they happen totally free for life. 

What a first rate laying manual and excellent racing resource false favourites is.

This is a great value for money package , with superb laying information.

Thanks a lot   Keith Hertfordshire  UK

I definitely think that for the price this is the best and most informative read I’ve seen on the internet. A+++++

Many thanks. Clive Merseyside UK

Thanks for all your help Jon, you are a genuine guy who gives excellent customer service.

Take a look at the Independent Review

Just Winners gave False-Favourites

The system is also Highly Recommended by many of the industries respected racing sites

False Favourites was written by Jonathan Burgess who appears in the Betfair academy as an accredited trainer. I requested a copy of False Favourites to review and Jonathan duly obliged in a timely and friendly manner which is always a positive for me. After all, if you’re confident in your product then why wouldn’t you want it reviewed?

The market is swamped with laying systems at present and in general most are not worth the paper they are written on. Due to this fact I wasn’t expecting False Favourites to be any different if I am totally honest.

I was pleasantly surprised however when I received the PDF file containing the system. Unlike the usual two a penny laying systems that I usually come across which are a few hundred words long this was totally different

I came across false favourites lay betting by Jonathan Burgess in my mailbox on Friday and was immediately struck by the enormity of it. It’s an e-book consisting of well over 200 pages! Surprisingly, hardly any of the content was the usual Betfair rubbish.

It was full of sound advice on finding  favourites that are likely to lose and an almost psychological approach to laying horses. The book is split into three parts; National Hunt, Flat and the all weather. A slightly different approach is required for each code.

The author suggests concentrating on one code at a time, which is sound advice. Every element is written about in full detail. the aim, of course, is to find favourites that are likely to lose. A suggested maximum odds is recommended, reducing liabilities.

Three years trading on betfair has taught me an awful lot about how to profit from racing. So much so that I decided I would also like to help others benefit from my experience and eventually became an official Betfair accredited trainer.

Not only has False-Favourites proven to be consistently profitable but, also highley recommended by customers all over the world. The system consistently ranks in the top 10 on click bank and was the number one horse racing product for many months.

False favourites are vital to YOUR success

It is a little known fact that given the choice most tipsters would avoid giving a selection in every race, their ability and strike rates would be viewed in a far better light if they did. There are just far too many races to look at objectively, as I mentioned before…

selectivity and specialization are the key to successful punting

The bookies love Random Favourite backers and this is an area were they make a very large sums of money. These companies fully understand the habits of the betting public and their advertising is constructed in such away that it…

encourages mug punters to back favourites  irrespective of their chances of winning

lets not forget only 1 in 3 actually does. 

These punters believe the media hype; 95% are backing the favourites to win because they are lazy and have no method or system to their betting, they simply can’t be bothered to spend a little more time and effort delving deeper into the racing pages.

Generally following a jockey, trainer or tipster blindly because they think all the hard work has already been done for them, don’t forget tips are only opinions and everyone has one, who’s you choose to take can be the difference between winning and losing; so really…

 To Succeed, YOU need to do the opposite of what the crowd is doing.

At first it may seem difficult to oppose a favourite that the general market supports this is perfectly natural but really only a mind conditioning which stems from fear and lack of understanding, to put it bluntly herd mentality. In order to be successful at any sort of betting be it backing or laying…

YOU need to have an edge over the crowd, something that everyone else isn’t doing

Historical facts show that successful punters oppose what every ones else perceives to be true because they pay attention to information that nobody else bothers with. We all know that favourites get beaten on a daily basis! However the difficulty most punters experience is they don’t know what to look for when trying to assess a favourites ability or lack of it for that matter…

What YOU need is an easy to use method to identify certain factors about a favourite

These factors will ultimately determine whether the horse actually goes on to win or lose. After all how can you tell the difference between the odds on favourite that doesn’t even place and the odds on favourite that romps home by 10 lengths? Well unfortunately YOU wont, unless YOU have access to the right information.  

Originally I developed this system for my own personal use but when I realized its potential I decided that I would like to give other punters this very powerful method of making money-laying horses. False Favourites is a system that has taken two years to put together and has constantly been reviewed, changed and updated.

What YOU will be getting is the full, finished, tested version at your disposal every day, which will cherry pick all those false favourites with some accuracy and give you a massive advantage over the crowd definitely a wise investment £££ wouldn’t you agree!

I’ve spent literally years betting and testing systems and in the process made virtually every mistake in the book. It really has been a very large learning curve, which in the end has resulted in me being able to create a very profitable system. Now I can pass on all this powerful information to YOU.

All you have to do is follow the easy-to-use methods clearly laid out in the e-book. I want you to be completely satisfied so I’m going to make this investment opportunity completely risk free by offering you a 100% money-back guarantee to give you total peace of mind. I will refund your money if you fail to make a profit using this system.

How much should I sell my very profitable system for?

Everyone has a different opinions about what information is worth. One thing I can say though is there seems to be a lot of very over priced racing systems on the internet at present. Buying a product on the internet is similar to buying a product from the high street, the main difference being the internet seller generally has a lot less over heads, so in theory there should be major savings to be had.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case. What we should all be looking for is value for money and paying anything upwards of £50 to £300 for a racing system that isn’t worth a fraction of that amount offers absolutely no value at all in my opinion.

Why pay double what a system is actually worth?

I could easily join the rest and sell False Favourites for £50 to £100 and it would still represent brilliant value for money, but I’m not going to and I’ve decided to set the price at a very affordable £27.99 .

If you have ever subscribed to a tipping service you know it will cost you at least double that for just one month and that is not even taking in to consideration how much you could potentially lose through bad advice.

False Favourites will provide YOU with a lifetime of profits for a single one off payment of just £26.99, which you will definitely recoup after your first few bets. A pretty minimal amount to invest in YOUR future, wouldn’t you agree? You would spend more taking the kids out for a burger.

Do you want to get serious and  make a nice regular tax-free income?  If so you wont find a better investment ££ for such a reasonable price so…

To prove to you what brilliant value this investment is, we will…


We will be selling these bonuses separately very soon and they are available FREE for a limited time ONLY with this package. Don’t miss your chance chance to GET THEM TODAY!

BUY NOW to secure your fantastic FREE bonuses

Through safe and secure order processing with Paypal, which accepts all major credit and debit cards. Once payment is complete you will be transferred instantly to the another web page from where you will be able to download your copy of False-Favourites instantly even if its 2am in the morning. False-favourites is in (PDF format), which is read using adobe acrobat. Most computers have it installed, if you don’t it can be obtained totally free from

BUY NOW to secure your 4 fantastic FREE bonuses

Buy online with Your Credit Card through Click Bank’s Secure Payment Proccess. Your details are totally protected and safe. Once payment is complete you will be redirected  to the another web page from which you will be able to download your copy of False-Favourites instantly, even if its 3am in the morning. The file is in (PDF format)


(For A Limited Time Only This Product Will Be Sold For £27.99)

Please note CLICKBANK may add V.A.T to certain buyers in the E.U.

To pay by personal cheque  or postal order…please contact me at

Yes, YOU Read That Correct – Order Today and I’ll Give YOU 4 FantasticBonuses Worth Over  £200  Right Away

To our newsletter – VALUE (£100)

YOU can Subscribe to this right NOW!

      Topics we will be covering in the coming months are…

      And so much more FREE information to help you to be successful.

One months FREE subscription to the “WAGERING SCHOOL INSIDERS REPORT”

I cannot ensure the schedule of these 4 great benefits so purchase today. You will be entirely pleased with the entire plan that will change you into an effective punter and more significantly a lucrative one. It’s simple to purchase…

Just struck the PAY NOW button and within minutes you will have the ability to download your copy of False-Favourites and all 4 great benefits

Just consider it by doing this. For simply  – £27.99, you can lastly begin to materialize cash from laying horsesDownload False-Favourites now and let me show you the most rewarding tricks that pro layers utilize daily, none of this get abundant BS buzz that everybody else is offering.

Thanks for your kind interest,

Jonathan Burgess Betfair recognized fitness instructor
Pro Punter
Racing columist to – Betting, Betfair Education website

PS. If you have actually attempted to earn money prior to laying horses and stopped working. If I’m truthful it most likely isn’t your fault, more than most likely you have actually been utilizing among the over hyped non carrying out laying systems.

False-Favourites isn’t the like all the other scrap out there. This is a really thorough laying course that will teach what you actually require to understand in order to make constant money!

Let me provide you my attempted and checked techniques for earning money from losing horses so that you can begin earning money lastly!

Don’t are reluctant download it NOW and take your initial steps towards paying

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Product  Horse racing system, wagering systems, earn money online, laying horses on betfair, shown laying system, lay wagering, betfair, laying favourites, incorrect favourites, online wagering exchanges,betfair trading, punting on horses,racing pointers, sports wagering, weak favourites
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Horse racing system, wagering systems, earn money online, laying horses on betfair, shown laying system, lay wagering, betfair, laying favourites, incorrect favourites, online wagering exchanges,betfair trading, punting on horses,racing pointers, sports wagering, weak favourites


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Horse racing system, betting systems, make money online, laying horses on betfair, proven laying system, lay betting, betfair, laying favourites, false favourites, online betting exchanges,betfair trading, punting on horses,racing tips, sports betting, weak favourites is backed with a 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 30 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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