Experience God! Receive God’s Presence by Repentance with Joy!

Experience God! Receive God’s Presence by Repentance with Joy!

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FB Post from Debra in Colorado 1/15: “TASTE
PARADISE NOW products have actually been such a true blessing in my life. Your
useful examples and workouts have actually offered me understandings of
abstract spiritual principles. I especially valued discovering that I
didn’t require to be used up in order to go to paradise, however that paradise
boils down to earth to satisfy me here! The other thing that was useful
was to comprehend that my physique was consisted of in this procedure,
not simply my spirit body. Thank you for your openness and desire
to share your journey with everyone.”

from Pete, U.S.A. 2010:  “Though
we have actually never ever fulfilled, I owe you a BIG HUGE COLOSSAL SIZED THANKS. When I
initially ended up being a Christian I would constantly feel God’s existence around me
all the time. One day though I stopped feeling His
manifest existence entirely. I didn’t understand what was incorrect and I fell
into a really extremely deep rejection… I would plead God like insane to let me
feel His existence 24/7 once again. I would just feel it throughout praise or
soaking prayer and after that it would disappear within the next 30 minutes approximately
and I would feel depressed as soon as again. I recognized my requirement for God’s
existence 24/7 however had no concept what was incorrect. Your site conserved my
life. Although your site is truly truly huge therefore are your ebooks.
I go through practically all of your product and began using it. At
initially there were no outcomes at all. Because I had no place else to go I
kept using your concepts a growing number of vigilantly up until my heart
got soft adequate to hear and lastly it did. Now I feel God’s existence
24/7 and am so so appreciative for you and your ministry. Again, you
actually conserved my life and I’m permanently indebted to you. THANK YOU SO SO

Email from David in QLD Australia 3/09:
have actually been greatly associated with ministry in my church…I enjoy your
website…your website makes good sense…..and appears among the most substantial
contributions to Christian literature I have actually experienced and I am
fairly well check out…”

Email from
Yolande in S. Africa 7/09:  “…I have actually read some
deep and interesting books by individuals having incredible encounters and was
weeping out in my heart for fundamental mentor, for I desired this so
much and desired it useful. During a long quick, I stumbled upon your
site. I have actually acquired your books (can suggest to every starving
soul) and have actually shown others who are simply happy at the light
you bring. You are a exceptional excellent instructor, a pure present from paradise,
useful, grounded in the Word, spiritual and genuine, and you lay a
structure so we as the church can get more out of the literature of
leaders and ground breakers…who moistens our hungers for the inmost
locations in God.”

are not alone! During 2005 the average
variety of individuals on this site for each day was over 584. 

12/99 through Dec. 2005 there have actually been 1,074,786 views to pages on this
site.  That number practically doubled in 2004 and it practically doubled
once again in 2005. 


Pete offered s an excellent statement about God’s existence 24/7.
It is above — in case you missed it.  🙂  

God’s Presence

by Repentance with Joy!

and “abide” in the existence of God by comprehending with your
mind, AND by teaching your heart to believe in a different way
about earthly things and about your having the ability to easily get the
existence of God by thinking He is approaching, since of His grace! 

You Can
Grow Even in Difficult Areas 

since You
Can Taste Heaven Now!

Of Definitions
and a Deeper Christian Life 

This website demonstrates how
TO repent by training your heart to happily trade earthly dependences
for getting God’s existence
extremely by His grace. The concepts you discover here work
for idolatry of the heart and undesirable habits! It
is meant as an useful method for you to experience the much deeper Christian

Repentance is more than simply
what you do after you do something incorrect. Repentance is a scriptural
practice—an activity that explains something you can do for fantastic
individual development and modification. 

In scriptural terms,
repentance indicates to alter your mind about sin and about God. More merely
specified “repentance with joy” indicates to alter how you
believe and to feel happiness since of it. The word
repentance is utilized the majority of the time where we are to alter our mind
after sin. But in my search I saw this verse: “…If you return to the Lord with all your heart, remove the foreign gods…from among you and direct your hearts to the Lord…He will deliver you…”
(1 Sam. 7:3). To me, “directing our heart toward God,” seems like
a repentance where we “change our mind”
about sin and about God, PRIOR TO we do something incorrect.  

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So on this site and in my
books, I utilize the word
“repentance” in a broad sense instead of the rigorous meaning. I
do that since repentance is the word that the majority of properly explains what
you get when you attempt to fit whatever together that the Bible states about
development towards God. It remains in that sense that I am stating we must repent. 

The method I see it, we are to
repent so regarding get rid of the barriers that keep us from
abiding in Christ. Doing this, includes getting our heart to hear the reality of the
bibles so that God can utilize His word to alter us from the within out. Much
with us needs to alter however considering repentance in this manner makes
really doing it reasonable. 

Deep level modification isn’t going to
occur even if you understand something in your head. Being efficient at
“changing your mind” needs taking actions to train your heart
that it is right, excellent, and safe to turn and approach to God. You
need to take actions to soothe your worries and develop your faith. You have
to end up being an instructor and your own heart needs to become your trainee. By
this, you can alter from the within out.

Mostly, this website is for
Christians who wish to experience God’s existence more totally and
extremely. It is for Christians who wish to “abide in Christ” in
a much deeper method. But it is not simply for Christians since the
details here is useful for those who desire liberty from undesirable
habits. These concepts work and work well.

must be as crucial a practice to your Christian life as prayer or
checking out the Bible. It can assist you simply as much.

The Benefits
of Repentance

The advantages of repentance are
numerous. The Bible states, “…repent and return, so that your sins may
be cleaned away, in order that times of revitalizing
might originate from the existence of the
Lord” (Acts 3:19). 

The advantages of repentance are
that you discover liberty from undesirable and wicked habits, damaging
pursuits, damaging responses, long term dependencies, co-dependence. You
even discover liberty from subtle sins of the heart. But that isn’t

You likewise experience a
“refreshing” from the “presence of the Lord.” By
repenting so regarding experience God’s existence, your single-hearted love and
dedication towards God will increase significantly. Abiding in Christ ends up being
reasonable. The much deeper Christian life ends up being useful. This website reveals you how.

When I speak about repentance it
is constantly a repentance that is towards abiding in Christ.  By
“abiding” I think the Bible indicates we are to remain inside the
existence of God. Christians have Christ inside them however we are likewise
informed to “abide in Him.” I believe this indicates we are to remain within
the glowing existence of Christ — 24 hours-a-day. By this we “…walk
in the Light as He Himself remains in the Light…” (1John 1:7).

To me, abiding in the existence
of God is the very same thing as abiding in the existence of the kingdom of

We abide in Christ by repentance
that gets rid of barriers so we can approach to
God, find out to remain there, and find out to let Him approach and
hug to us. Understanding your thirsty desires for God and how to
repent makes abiding in Christ reasonable for anybody. Everything that I
compose is towards this end.       

On this site and in the
ebooks I utilize the words “drinking from God” to likewise imply
“feeding” on Him. To me consuming from God is the very same thing as
getting His existence or letting God approach to us. 

Learning to consume from God is
crucial since without discovering to really get His existence we
can’t abide in Christ. It is by discovering to keep drinking like a branch
on a tree that we abide inside the existence of God all the time. Doing
this is reasonable for you.   

On this site and in the ebooks
I describe how we consume from earthly things and how you can reapply those
very same concepts to God. I describe these things in useful methods so that
you can do them.

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Why You Can

keep doing what we do not wish to do since of the “benefits” we
gain from the habits. Even though the habits might injure us
significantly, it assures us, makes us feel strong, or protect in some method. 

lets you trade earthly dependences for God’s existence! The factor you can
modification is since of God’s plentiful grace to approach to you! 

God’s existence puts through you, your yearnings are filled more deeply and
more pleasurably than anything this life needs to provide.  

you have a habits you wish to alter? Repenting
by relying on God as what assures you and relieves you when you injure.
Doing so can assist you grow even in locations that have actually been tough for you
to alter! 

you a Christian who does not have any significant or apparent sins? This website can
assist you experience God’s existence more totally. It will assist you comprehend
and repent of the concealed idolatry of your heart. It is simply that
the advantages of deep level repentance are so fantastic, that it fixes more
apparent sins too. 

The Whole
Thing in Three Sentences 

The repentance that I will assist
you with is the course to the much deeper Christian life. It is a repentance that
modifications your habits since it alters how you believe in your heart. 

I will be teaching you how to
joyously repent from looking for to get earthly splendor on your own to a
location of looking for and getting the existence of God. I will be teach you useful methods
of how you can really get the kingdom of God and abide in Christ

Everything that I discuss is
“to the end that we…would be to the praise of His glory” (Eph
1:12). Doing that indicates that we initially need to repent from living to the
appreciation of OUR splendor.      

Why You Need this

require the details on this website since it isn’t apparent how to
direct your heart far from earthly sources and towards God—our worries,
harms, and
shock are undue.

Christians today are not even mindful of when they are working to fill
their yearning for God apart from Him. If you understood, it is likewise most likely
that you would attempt to repent in manner ins which would be inadequate and
damaging.  I will demonstrate how you can be efficient at getting rid of
the barriers avoiding you from turning and approaching to God. 

It is time for transformation! You
require guideline and you require the Heart-training the locations in your heart that requirement to be
resolved are deep and well concealed. This website will reveal you how
to rely on God in manner ins which are more total than what you might have ever
idea was even possible. You can delight in a much deeper Christian life! 

I provide a great deal of guideline here however I do not
hand out the product that I call Heart-training. You will need to purchase

you in a nation where online purchases are tough or difficult?
Then email me and I can provide you the Heart-training totally free. For the rest
of you please assistance this ministry by buying the

Regardless of how you get the Heart-training please
do not dismiss the significance of the Heart-training in your expedition with

Why You Can
Repent With Joy!

Jesus sustained the cross for the
happiness set prior to Him (Heb. 12:2). We must follow His example. 

Repent with happiness since of God’s
grace to approach to you without His keeping back! Rejoice your heart to
thinking that when you approach to God, He will approach to you
(James 4:8)!  

More is reasonable and possible!
The useful factors you can repent and turn more totally to God are
since of His grace. The earthly alternatives we produce God are
constantly near us. You can repent since God wishes to be God to you. He
wishes to be close to you, extremely!   

The Bible informs us, “And
without faith it is difficult to please Him for he who pertains to God must
think that He is which He is a rewarder of those who look for Him”
(Heb. 11:6). The faith that pleases God thinks that when you come near
to God, He benefits you with His existence by likewise approaching to you!

Earthly alternatives for
God’s existence are absolutely unneeded. You
simply require to find out how to deal with your heart up until you discover liberty to
act since of higher faith trust towards God.

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using the concepts and utilizing the tools offered here, you can experience
God’s existence streaming around and through you 24 hours-a-day!

Don’t be alarmed by the quantity
of product you discover on this website. Large parts of 3 eBooks are on these
pages. If you get annoyed by not remembering what you have actually checked out and
what you have not, you might discover it simpler to go to the books and products
page and down load this details in book type.

It will take effort on your part
to direct your heart towards God, however you can do it! I will reveal you how.

You Can
experience a much deeper Christian life! 

Would you like me to teach at
your church or event? Contact me by e-mail. I
wants to talk to your group about “How to Love God More.” 

eBooks click on this link

page included late 2014 about the mountain of God. 

6 / 2015,
a brand-new upgrade to the Heart-training is now readily available! 

Email from  Saningo,
Kenya. 2015:  “…your website-especially posts, why
repent and
how to repent my life entirely altered after checking out and ask God
forgiveness. I’m now transformed follower and waiting Jesus to come.
Please accept my sincere thanks for belonging of my life and
leading me to understand Jesus and got redemption guarantee. I’m sharing
the posts with numerous here and hope ultimately the message will bear
fruits of repentance…”  

Email from
Chrissy in Texas, U.S.A. 7/15:  “I wish to inform you
that I believe your site and the important things taught here are definitely
terrific scriptural and extraordinary.
It’s assisting me extremely quite. This is so required.
I hope God will bless your ministry. it’s definitely great. You are
on the best track. This message message of grace frantically requires to
be heard. thank you.”

Email from Tienie in S. Africa 10/08:  “I
have actually checked out the majority of the details on your site. It is extremely useful and simple to
comprehend. In the previous couple of years I have actually checked out a couple of books on the topic
”Living in the existence of God”. Those books all go back to the 1600
and 1700.Molinos(The Spiritual  Guide) ,Guyon (Experiencing the depths
of Jesus Christ), Brother Lawrence (Practicing His Presence). Your product
is far more reasonable and functional…”

I am wishing the Lord’s plentiful true blessing on your
efforts to direct your heart towards Him.

Page on Facebook

Repentance = modification how your heart
believes — Home page for how to do that!

the Author…

(C) Barry Hall 1999

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