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“A Personal Message To You From Dr. David Snyder DACM NLP,”

From The Desk Of: Dr. David Snyder DACM

Dear Friend and Future Master of The Universe.

Hey I understand that sounds sort of amusing however when you totally comprehend the astonishing power of the tricks I’m ready to expose to you, You’ll totally comprehend precisely why what I will inform you is…

Now prior to I get too far into things, I require to admit something.

I never ever actually intended on exposing a great deal of what you will get exposed to in this letter. These are approaches, concepts and “secrets” that I worked and suffered long and hard to find. Decades of My Life, Hundreds of thousands dollars to find out, boil down and best.

These were “my secrets” to producing health, wealth, success and joy in my life, tricks I just ever shown my really unique inner circle trainees and closest household, and even then with fantastic doubt. And the reality is, I’m not alone when it pertains to keeping back these approaches.

I understand, I understand, it seems like more Internet Sales “Hype” however those are the realities.

You Can Choose To Believe Them… Or Not.

IF you pick To Believe what I will inform you, I can assure you that you’ll be on the Faster Path To The Life You’ve Always Wanted, You’ll Be On The Express Train To Mastery and Control Over Every Aspect Of Your LIFE.

That Will Happen For You due to the fact that what I will show you goes far beyond the easy “Law of Attraction” Stuff You’ve check out, and seen on films like “The Secret” and “What The Bleep, Do We Know”.

What I will expose to you is the mixing of contemporary discoveries in how the mind and our universe actually work and How They Come Together To Create and Manifest Everything In Your Reality

Combine This with The Centuries Old, Time Test Principles For Manipulating and Controlling Reality and…

You see many people do not understand where the “Law of Attraction” Actually Comes From. And Only a choose couple of understand that the law of destination is among the foundation of the Ancient Hermetic Science of Magick…

I’m NOT speaking about David Copperfield, David Blaine, Or Derren Browne Parlor Tricks.

Those are Illusions, and Tricks. They deceptiveness for fooling and amusing individuals. Not For Creating Reality and Most Certainly…NOT For Helping you produce the life you desire.

It’s real and the concepts were developed to be utilized together, and when you utilize all of the knowledge together, You get an outcome that is often times more effective that when simply the “law of attraction” is utilized alone.

In reality, the majority of the time, “The Law of Attraction” will NOT work The Way You Expect It To due to the fact that individuals who teach the law of destination didn’t offer you the entire image.

You See Most People Don’t Really Understand What That Statement Actually Means, other than on the most shallow level.

Those who really comprehended the complete scope of how mind, body and universe communicate had the ability to quickly manifest anything they desired into truth. Those who have a less than strong structure tend to keep drawing in “the wrong things” into their lives and often times manifesting precisely the reverse of what they desired.

If you keep attempting to use the law of destination and regularly do not get what you desire, or appear to be winding up with the exact same things over and over once again. Chances are you are missing out on something in your Law of Attraction Practices

Why Are Those ideas Dominant? Because those are the ideas you have the majority of the time when you are not ‘purposely focusing or directing your will. And they are completely identified and under the command of your unconscious mind.

I continuously teach my persuasion, impact, manifesting and hypnotherapy trainees that:

The Ancient Hermetic Systems, which form the basis for a lot of genuine psychological and spiritual disciplines and types of meditation such a Yoga, Kabbalah, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Taoism, Mikkyo Buddhism, Christian Hesychasm, And Others had really effective and methodical methods to train the mind and customize all of these various kinds of “dominant thoughts” so that specialists might quickly gain access to and focus their minds capability to utilize the law of destination to its max level.

And It was a trick they safeguarded with their lives.

Eventually “The Self-Help Gurus’ Got their hands on some of these concepts and Over time, bits and pieces of that knowledge made its way into public awareness through such movies as The Secret and Others

The “Gurus” Left Stuff Out, Important Principles and Methods that if you don’t understand, and apply to your “manifesting and Law of Attraction work…

You’ll never ever have the ability to successfully manifest the important things you desire, and in reality, you are much more most likely to manifest all the important things you do not desire!

Ironically, and NOT by coincidence the systems that the ancient masters utilized to alter their Minds, Beliefs, Feelings and Vibrations concentrated on using transformed states of awareness AND Suggestion. i.e. meditations, shouting, breathing strategies, all developed to get every level of the mind-body continuum vibrating at the exact same frequency.

The equivalent of the modern physics concept of “Entrainment”

The Law of Attraction = The Modern Day Physics Principle of Entrainment.

Now these practices for cleansing and training the mind took years and years to master, if you had the possibility to ever discover them at all. To do it the method the genuine masters of the law of destination did it you would require Years and years of constant training and effort to obtain…And

That’s The Part The Guru’s Left Out

Because if you understood it would take years, you would not purchase their items, you would not concern their workshops, and you definitely probably would try to find something much easier and more dependable. Yyou see they understand that people yearn for “instant” satisfaction and the longer and more difficult an individual needs to operate at something the less most likely they are to wish to do it.

So the masters offered you the part that your reptile brain most desired.

Now I’m not putting the “guru’s down” I’m simply explaining a possible reason that you aren’t getting the outcomes you may desire.

And It’s NOT Your Fault. You didn’t have the entire story. And I wish to assist you alter all that… Forever.

S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Stands for Strategic Suggestion Through Effectively Applied Linguistically Transmitted Hypnosis and is a Powerful Blend of Modern Proven-in-The Real-World Hypnosis Methods, NLP, and Vibrational Influence Technologies that can quickly bring all levels of your mind and body into the exact same frequency and vibration. The Real World STEALTH Hypnosis System Has really direct and effective approaches for discovering and altering all of the beliefs you have.

Once You Understand and Gain The Ability To Control, Program And Cleanse Your Body and Mind Through the Power of Hypnosis. You’ll instantly start to pull a growing number of of things you desire into your life – frequently instantly.

This is what the old zen masters utilize to imply when they described the idea of “Doing By Not Doing” It was a by-product of mastering the secret science

And it can likewise take place for you to, if you follow directions and in fact do the drills to get the abilities.

But the Real Masters of the Law of Attraction Didn’t Stop There.

The Masters Were Extremely Pro-active People (they simply comprehended the characteristics of acting much better than a lot of) The “Masters’ used the power of suggestion, hypnosis and mental influence methods in “other” important ways too.

Hence the Ancient Saying

This phrase like everything the masters taught had many levels of meaning. One of which implies that because we have learned to influence reality and manifestation on a Macro or global level to pull situations, circumstances and events into our life.

We also need to be able to exert influence on local level so that we also have the ability to persuade and influence those people more effectively to do what we want.

The masters understood that this was a crucial power to have in life. And they zealously developed their own person powers of persuasion and influence through suggestion and other hypnotic methods… and for good reason

You see another “surprise law of destination” is the law of grounding or “deliberate action”

For every thing you seek to manifest using the law of attraction principles, must have a counter-part in the physical world. In other words, your energetic, mental and spiritual manifesting work must be balanced with actions in the physical world that move you toward the outcome of your manifestation.

And once again the masters of the law of attraction had an advantage because they understood very well how the mind works. They also knew the most powerful ways to influence the minds of others to get them to do what they wanted more easily through the use of suggestion.

You see its not enough to just understand and program your own mind, although that’s obviously important. But its the just as important to remove and reduce resistance to your manifestations in the real world through the ability to fascinate, persuade and influence others to believe what you say, and do what you want.

When you have this amazing skill set at your command, taking the necessary actions and steps toward activating the laws of attraction become so amazingly easy and effortless, its almost unfair, and more importantly…

This was one of the most fundamental, important and vital skills any of the real masters of attraction could possess. And you can even see the necessity of it today when ever you watch infomercials, political speeches, religious programs, or even when trying to talk to that super attractive person you’ve been dying to hook up with.

The Bottom Line…Pretty much ANY Form Of Human Communication Demands The Ability To Capture and Lead The Minds of Others.

In fact, you probably already know that ability to use hypnotic persuasion could have made the difference between basking in the winners circle and sitting all alone in the loser seat.

Law of Attraction or Not, No matter where you go, or what you do, the ability to communicate to people in such a way that they find you irresistibly compelling is a skill that will constantly bring you higher and higher levels of success and happiness when you apply it in the right way and for the right reasons.

It’s a Must-Have Skills for any person who needs the help and compliance of other people.

It’s also one of the fastest, easiest and most direct ways that you can systematically, and automatically program your mind and the universe to activate the law(s) of attraction to automatically bring you what ever you want in life.

Conversational Hypnosis Methods Are In Constant Use By A Select Few Individuals and Well-Funded Agencies all all over the world with a strong interest in hypnotizing you into believing what they say and doing what they want you to do…

Without You Even Knowing About It,

and the only way to protect yourself from this “undesirable impact” The same kind of influence that can sabotage your “Law of Attraction and Manifestation” Work is to learn conversational hypnosis methods for yourself so that you can…

Once I Mastered The Art Of Suggestion Through The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, My life dramatically changed for the better, and I truly believe it will do the same for you. Now Is the Time To have This Power Ready and Waiting For You So That You Can Use It To Get What You Really Want, Whenever You Want It

The system I am about to share with you is completely real, its right in front of you waiting for you to take charge of your life once and for all. There has never been a complete system of universal influence like this available before and the truth is I don’t know how long I will be able to keep it available at this low price, or even if I am going to be to keep it available at all.

If you have ever wanted to have the amazing power to hypnotize a person to obey your commands and follow your lead without them knowing it then Here Is What You Need To Do

Or Scroll Down To The Bottom of The Immediately To Gain I INSTANT UNLIMITED ACCESS To My Top-Secret S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Hidden Laws of Attraction Training System, Where I’ll Teach You EXACTLY

And That’s really just a small sample of what you’ll be getting after you’ve read this important letter.

In fact your rapidly discover that getting all of these things and more is Actually Really Fun and Easy If You Use The Right Methods and Have The Right Teacher

Can Easily Put You On The Fast-Track to…

Look, I know what its like to feel completely cut off from the things you really want. To be completely out of control in your life and have other people pulling your strings and making you do things you don’t want to do.

I know what its like To constantly feel like you are on the outside looking in while others seem to magically pull everything they want to them.

“Trust Me When I Honestly Tell You That These Skills Have Given Me The Power To Enjoy Everything I Have Ever Wanted In My Life

… And I Truly Believe They Can Do The Same Thing For You Too. “

So if you have answered yes to even one of the above points.

You need this training more than anyone.

I’ve made it as simple and easy as possible for you to get started and I guarantee if you use this STEALTH Hypnosis persuasion method the way I will teach it to you

And if you are not happy with the course. If it doesn’t do for you what I am saying it can then I will joyfully give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Because only you can decide if you are worth the investment in yourself to get these skills and take charge of your life once and for all. Keep in that with great power like this also comes great responsibility

(some people can’t) and are you finally ready to learn real no-holds-barred covert conversational hypnosis secrets that can dramatically improve every aspect of your life if so…

This Could Be The Most Important Message You Ever Read…

Don’t let Fear, Uncertainty and Lack of Action Ruin Your Chances For The Lasting Happiness, Power and Control You’ve Been Searching For. That’s what has been keeping you stuck.

If You Want Different Results In Your Life You Must Be Willing To Take The Right Action At The Right Time…

You’ll actually be getting two powerful training systems for the price of less than one!

The complete STEALTH: Hidden Law of Attraction System combines my most powerful teachings and methods for reprogramming your mind and body for maximum effectiveness in applying the law of attraction A variety of powerful methods including my personal discoveries in Hypnosis, N.L.P. and Neuro-Somatic Energetic Re-patterning.

A proprietary energetic hypnosis method that can change literally any problem or enhance any attribute in just minutes.

In this Very Special 14 Video Series Called The Hidden Law of Attraction Formulas I blow the lid off of the secrets behind “The Secret” Wide Open.

The 14 videos are divided into four very specific areas of Mind Training and Law of Attraction Programming that blend perfectly with one another and with the other half of this Reality Manifestation and Personal Transformation System my cutting edge

I’ll go into detail about what you get in STEALTH: Instant Conversational Hypnosis Crash Course in just a little while. But for now let me tell you a bit more about how this 14 Part Law of Attraction Formula Training Will Change Your world forever.

I’ll Also to take everything you have learned about the law of attraction, mind training, persuasion and influence … and turbo charge it

The Best Part Is I Not Only Teach You The Drills principles and Techniques.

Each of these special seminars include unique hypnotic installations at the end to make sure your unconscious mind is programmed exactly the way you need it to be so that it attracts what you want and not what you don’t want.

You’ll own the skills faster than ever, the more you watch the videos the deeper the training goes…

The unique methods in these two video workshops are SOOOO Secret Some of this I have only taught to my Elite Master-Mind Students and Some of It I have Never Taught To Anyone.

I have used them consistently to:

I truly believe that if you follow my formulas as I teach them you can have all this too!

Money, Wealth, Prosperity… This particular video set focuses specifically on the accumulation of wealth via the law of attraction and related principles. It also covers the key ingredients behind most forms of self sabotage and how you can systematically insure that you get everything you want in terms of monetary abundance

Is It Really The MONEY We Want, OR is It the Great STUFF the money gets Us ?


Once again in this series I take you beyond the ‘common myths and misunderstandings about the law of attraction, and wealth programming to systematically give you the exact information and training you need in order to achieve the level of wealth and prosperity that you have always wanted.

I’ll disclose little known secrets regarding the psychological and metaphysical aspects of money that if you don’t understand them, can dramatically hinder your chances of ever attaining wealth on your own.

Because If you Don’t, You Most Definitely Will By The End of Video Set Four, This is literally the Law of Attraction Secret Weapon, and once you own it you’ll be amazed at what happens in your life next. Welcome to the art and science of “Strategic Serendipity With…

This amazing and effective video course levels the playing field on a lot of levels.

Lucky People, We Love Them, We Hate Them, We all wish to be one. Do we not?

Lucky People Seem To Instinctively Invoke the Laws of Attraction Practically Without Ever Having To Do Anything, and even when things go “wrong” for them they constantly appear to come out much better off than in the past.

Interestingly Scientists have actually found a unique set of behavioral and personality type that ALL FORTUNATE People Seem to have an abundance of.

Ironically roughly 7 of them (Lucky Seven?).

And If you own these 7 qualities, and enhance them correctly, the natural quantity of “lucky” occasions and chances in your life “magically” appear to increase too.

Now naturally for many people, setting up and enhancing New Ideas and qualities would be beside difficult however, making use of the powers and approaches of STEALTH Hypnosis and Vibrational Influence Technologies we can now:

Combine this incredible understanding with a little NLPPOWER Magic and PRESTO…

And Getting Luckier is really really easy.

Take a minute and envision what your life will resemble with abilities and capabilities like these,

The Installation of the Luck Traits that you will just discover in this incredible program triggers the law of destination to start function “all the time” to bring you constant best of luck, more chances and much better results from any thing you try.

People with the luck qualities simply have a simpler life than those who do not and you can check out everything about it in publications like Psychology Today.

But We Are Not Done Yet…

Here’s What Else We Have For You…

Once Your Membership Has Been Cleared, You Will Automatically Receive

And that is still simply the start of what you’ll have the ability to do when you master the STEALTH Instant Conversational Hypnosis System

We will reveal you how to do it action by step.

The Real Power of The System is NOT in Just the Materials. Its likewise in the Method We Use To Teach you.

You will be hypnotizing individuals the exact same day you get the course, its simply that simple, quick and effective. And We Guarantee It!

The Complete S.T.E.A.L.T.H. HYPNOSIS Video Transcripts for simple referral

This records deserves its weight in gold due to the fact that it permits you to thoroughly study and dissect the specific method I utilize the S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Hypnosis System To Actually Program The Ability To Do S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Hypnosis Directly Into You. Study These Transcripts over and over and even compose them out to actually install my level of ability or much better into you QUICKLY


This 2 Downloadable CD Quality mp3 audio variation of the STEALTH Hypnosis course lets you listen to and take your lessons with you where ever you go.


A totally annotated workbook Includes Specific Lesson Plans For You To follow Complete Transcript With Additional Commentary to expand your understanding of the stealth hypnosis training technique

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: In this volume I in fact explain a number of the conversational hypnosis strategies I am utilizing on you in the video and audio courses.

Well truthfully, you do not.

But the only manner in which you can understand on your own how genuine and effective this course is and how it can offer you the power and option in your life you have actually been looking for is to go all out, however in case you might have any sticking around doubts…TAKE NOTE HERE

I desire you to understand that whatever I am teaching you in this course is Unconditionally 100% Money Back Guaranteed to work for you and if you aren’t pleased in any method for any factor.

I will offer you every cent of your refund.

Look I will be totally sincere with you. There are great deals of individuals out there attempting to teach you Overly-made complex, Watered-Down, Sissified and Impractical Techniques that just operate in a video or training space.

You desire something that exercises in the real life right?

All of the product you will be discovering here has actually been utilized over and over once again in the real life by genuine individuals (trained by me) and with remarkable outcomes.

Sometimes People Ask Me…IF this course is so Valuable,

You See I Want to Be Your Friend, Mentor, and Teacher For A Long Time. And you and I both understand that relationships are developed on shared trust. But somebody constantly needs to offer very first and naturally that need to be me.

Because most importantly I desire you to BE Convinced I am The Real Deal.

I desire you to utilize the course that I teach and Prove To Yourself That IT Works.

Then Once You Know The Power of what I have actually offered you, you ‘ll naturally desire more which’s where I’m opting for this. The bottom line,

I Completely Promise You A Ton Of …

Hypnotic Attraction Secrets Vol. 3: “The Three Magic Questions” Video Crash Course

This Top Secret Special Edition Video Has Never Been Released Before and teaches in clear easy to follow manner, my own personal nuclear-powered system for exactly How To Hypnotically Get Inside A Person’s Head and STAY THERE

…All in 20 Minutes or Less.

This video crash course is an excerpt from my special 5-hour by-invitation-only Private Training were I teach my personal coaching students all the inner secrets of conversational and covert hypnosis.

You Will Be Amazed At How Knowing Just A Few Simple Key Concepts Can Dramatically Increase Your Ability To Be Hypnotically Compelling, Attractive and Seductive To Whomever YOU Choose.

Sex Signals: The 7 Stages of Sexual Attraction, Body Language And More

Lets face it every guy wishes he could have some kind of a road map that would tell him EXACTLY how well he was doing with a woman.

In this Exciting information packed video I BLOW THE LID OFF of Exactly What To Look For. You WILL learn the complete 7 stage process women go through and the non-verbal cues she is going to give you that let you know

Listen, I have often said in my Secret Orgasm Tips Course and others that the single biggest secret to making any dating, attraction or seduction system work is simply the ability consistently and reliably interpret a woman’s sexual body language cues.

Knowing the secrets in this video WILL take out all the guess work. And they work on women all over the world from Southern California To South East Asia.

The secrets in this video have kept me well taken care of and given me the ability to bed 9 out of ten women on the first date. This one is priceless!

INSTANT INNER GAME: How To Remove Fears, Limiting Beliefs and

Program Your Mind For Massive Success in 30 Minutes or less.

When it comes to using this material whether it be for dating attraction and seduction, business or therapy The plain truth is that your hypnosis techniques are ONLY as good as your level of trust, faith and belief in yourself.

Women are trained to choose men who are strong powerful leaders.

Women Recognize A Man As A Leader When They Carry Themselves with purpose and confidence. Confidence strong enough to pass all their tests and call them on it.

The ugly truth is though that you can’t build confidence until you do two important things.

A. Remove The Mental And Emotional Blocks To Your Success

B. Decide What You Want And Take Immediate Actions Toward Getting It.

That is what makes a man truly an alpha male. In this important video I will show you the fastest most powerful way to remove your own blocks to your inner and out success. and I will guide you via video step by step into building a powerful, unstoppable and magnetically powerful personality that women just can’t help but notice.

Don’t be surprised when every aspect of your life starts to automatically get better as a result of using this method.

INSTANT AND RAPID INDUCTIONS: How To Induce A Powerful Hypnotic Trance In 3 Minutes or Less!

The biggest lie that the so called “masters” of hypnosis have perpetrated on the public is the belief that hypnotizing people is hard.

The truth is quite the reverse…

Hypnotizing People In Seconds is Simple, Easy and Fun, If You have the right training and understand a few key principles.

In this no-holds barred hypnosis video I teach a group of rank amateurs how to effortlessly drop people into a profound hypnotic trance in less than just a few minutes.

Everyone was amazed at how fast they could be hypnotizing people like ten -year hypnosis pros could NEVER DO.

(Please note: This video is NOT going to make me very popular with the old school hypnosis crowd.)

Because most of them can’t do what you will learn to do in just minutes from watching this video. And they DON”T Want You To Know How To Do It Either!

Great Video, You Will Love It!

I simply wished to let you understand just how much I’m leaving your classes! As a practicing hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, and having actually been through numerous other NLP trainings, your classes are certainly excellent and an action above, and offer us lots of chances to find out and train our abilities.

I enjoy your simple to bear in mind and utilize systems, such as the “4 Magic Bullets,” which has currently become my default induction.

I frequently discover myself naturally and instantly utilizing the hypnotic language patterns you’ve taught us while driving and speaking with others.

Thanks a lot, and keep it up…can’t await the next training!

Jason West NLP Master Practitioner Orange County, CA.

David I believed it would be proper after this previous year to offer thanks to somebody who has actually motivated and pressed me to reach even more for a growing number of SPECIFICALLY throughout the numerous times when I’ve been annoyed due to my viewed absence of development.

I’m so appreciative to have actually had our courses cross and I’m similarly happy to call myself a hypnotherapist

Mark Stein Designated Broker-Officer San Diego CA

In the 3 weeks because I took your class, a lot of doors of chance have actually opened for me that honestly I feel a bit lightheaded.

I consider myself to be an incredibly fortunate individual, however this blows ideal past simple “lucky” to “pretty darn incredible”!

So numerous prominent individuals, sponsors, coaches and resources have actually entered into my life and opened themselves up prior to me as if I had a magic master secret.

They have actually exposed brand-new possibilities (and every one is larger and much better than the last) and numerous brand-new instructions to take my energies in the days to come.

What can I state – it is simply great. My eyes have actually been opened to a vision of what I can accomplish in this world and I have actually been offered the chance to produce a future larger than I ever attempted to dream..

In years to come when I recall at my journey, I will acknowledge the minute I stated YES to your deal as when all of it started for me. I am lucky to understand you and have you for a good friend and coach.

Thanks once again. Here’s to higher success to you – and I

PS: When I re-read this prior to striking the SEND button, I recognize that it sound as if I am on something that is illegal.

Yes I am high, however just on the ideas that are buzzing around inside my head.

Ramdas Menon C.Ht. NLP Carlsbad, CA

You Risk Absolutely Nothing. I am taking all the Risk For You.

Try out S.T.E.A.L.T.H. HYPNOSIS for 8 weeks. Do The Drills, Get Skills See the Amazing Results and If you are not 100% pleased with Our Program in any method within those 56 days, simply let me understand.

I’ll send you a total refund, No Hassles, Guaranteed! The threat is on me to provide, and you to use.

You have Absolutely Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain By Trying This Course Now!

Just Click on the link listed below To Confirm Your Membership and Get Started Today.

Because that is roughly just how much I invested in courses, trainings and other sources in order to discover what actually works and what does not. And that is not counting my energy and time exploring out in the field and sorting through all the snake oil some individuals are attempting to offer you.

How Many Would You Buy? How Quickly Would You Grab As Many As You Could?

How frequently would you do that if you were ENSURED to get that exact same MASSIVE Return On Your Investment over and over once again?

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