12 Weeks To Freedom by Gordon Jay Alexander


And it is so BASIC, even my 11 years of age does it.

Buying and selling of BELONGINGS. Personal home. It is a MULTI BILLION dollar market
that is offered to everybody. Many have actually discovered how to do it and have actually made an excellent living – without any manager! You might do it part-time or full-time – whatever fits your way of life!

Any additional money be utilized for anything an individual wishes to do. For example…

Here’s a REALITY. Living your dreams is frequently depending on just how much CASH you make. And that is why you
might be checking out cash making chances. That’s how you concerned this website, right?

Maybe you are tired of not making adequate cash to meet all of your dreams.

Perhaps you have a JERK for a manager. Or you have a long drive on smog covered
expressways loaded with mad individuals all set to shoot you at the push of a break pedal.

Whatever the factor, there is a great chance that you are NOT making adequate CASH to do
what you actually wish to. But naturally, you might not even understand what you wish to do.

Here is what I think to be a reality. If you had ENOUGH CASH, to take the day-to-day
pressures off, then you might invest a long time to learn what would actually make you

But as my old buddy Joe Karbo utilized to state:

“Most individuals are too
hectic making a living to make any cash.”

And it was Joe that taught me about the “world’s most interesting company” the
DIRECT REACTION SERVICE. Some call it Mail Order. Or Remote Direct Marketing. And I have
been associated with this company, it appears, permanently.

But it was ALSO Joe who taught me about BELONGINGS. And how trading of belongings
might get me the START-UP capital for any kind of company. At the time I was a trainee at
Golden West Community College in Huntington Beach, California. I believe I was taking
Surfing 101 as I remember it. Mostly simply hanging out. And Joe was at Sunset Beach when I
initially ‘bumped’ into him, actually. Well, anyways, that story is trivial.

Here’s What’s Important…

Joe informed me about how he generated income PURCHASING & SELLING surplus boxes after he got
out of the Service. (We were kindered spirits, he was a Pharmacists Mate, I was a

Joe likewise PURCHASED a boat (which is BELONGINGS) for a portion of what the owner had actually paid.
And when Joe offered that boat, he made a really considerable REVENUE.

Joe Karbo is thought about by lots of to be a marketing genius. And I concur with that. What
many people do not learn about Joe, he was “accessible” and handy to individuals and
he offered this young university student more than the time of day. He offered me a method to make
cash, anywhere, anytime I required to.

Are you too hectic earning money that you do not have the time to make any cash?

Let me present you to what I passionately call Joe’s OTHER direct
action company: the PURCHASING & SELLING of BELONGINGS. And as I pointed out, it is so
basic my 11 years of age does it.

You most likely DO IT too. Or have. Have you EVER purchased anything from some other individual?
At a yard sales? Or garage sale? Or swap fulfill or flea market? Or from the categorized
area in the paper?

Almost EVERYBODY has actually purchased and offered a few of their PERSONAL EFFECTS at one time or

But have you ever considered it as a method to GENERATE INCOME?


Well I have. After among the best marketing minds the world has actually ever understood OPENED
MY EYES to purchasing and offering. And if was great enough for Joe Karbo, pals, it is great
enough for me.

Now I likewise, like Joe did, establish items and do Direct Response Marketing. That is
what I’m doing today. I’m attempting to offer you an item that I have actually developed, similar to
Joe taught me.

I wish to offer my unique report to YOU, straight. And I’m including a component I discovered
from among my other coaches, Benjamin D. Suarez. I’m doing it FROM ANOTHER LOCATION.

Ben Suarez owns a financial obligation totally free 100 Million dollar worldwide direct action business.
He utilizes almost 1000 individuals here in Northeast Ohio. And Ben personally hired
me from a workshop audience to come and work for him. Based upon what I had actually gained from
Joe Karbo, and Melvin Powers and a couple of other “mentors”.

And although I did take a position with Ben’s business, (he made a deal I could not
refuse), I CONTINUED to work my little operation of PURCHASING & SELLING of BELONGINGS. And
made more in one fifth of the time than I did working for somebody else.

It’s Time To Reveal My Secrets!

So I believed it was time to share my tricks with those of you that may be all set to
leave the rat race, and into the CHIPS. ARE YOU PREPARED?

BUT FIRST, let me get this off my chest. BELONGINGS might NOT be the method for you to make
cash on an IRREVERSIBLE basis. It requires time and effort. I personally do not think in FREE
lunches. I do not like individuals that relax their kitchen area table in their underclothing and
inform individuals how they can “get rich” doing almost absolutely nothing. And then have the
gall to offer you a 500.00 “course” in doing what they did. This actually irritates

But, WHATEVER! I discuss this due to the fact that I’m not going to offer you a course. I will
nevertheless offer you a quick report that I create, with the aid of my teens,
based upon what I UNDERSTAND and DO. A report on BELONGINGS. And how purchasing and offering belongings can
make you cash. OH, I am going to be making some cash from offering you this report. Do
you mind? I hope not, after all YOU are going to find out how to earn money.

But do not you evaluate info by volurme or weight. If you desire great deals of pages, I’ll
send you a phone book? OK? This report is around 60 pages. It includes whatever you require
to begin. REALITY info like:

You get the info you actually REQUIRED to begin. In truth, you will be doing
workouts within the very first hour that teach you how to discover UNDERVALUED belongings, and WHERE
you ought to offer it.

And even if you do not do it regularly, it still can offer you ALL THE MONEY you
require to begin an organization you actually wish to do. Perhaps a REMOTE DIRECT REACTION SERVICE.
(Hey possibly I can assist you with that one likewise, AFTER you have actually raised some cash, due to the fact that in
“mail order” it takes cash to earn money, and I do not care what anybody informs
you to the contrary).

So, PLEASE do not PURCHASE THIS report, if you are not seriously thinking about doing
something about your present monetary scenario. This is NOT a magic wand that gets rid of
your issues. But it CAN aid you earn money.

I have actually composed this report with the typical individual in mind.

Because I consider myself to be EXTREMELY typical and common.

So this little cash maker:

See, I created this report for those individuals that have actually been burned. Or scammed. Or had
their dreams taken by the dishonest. Or had their tough made money taken by some quick
talking trickster. And BUDDIES, there are a lot of them on the web.

I (and my teens) put this report together so that anybody with the capability to check out
can comprehend it.

I hold you by the hand, and teach you how to crawl. How to invest that 100 dollars, so
that you get a SIGNIFICANT return on your financial investment.

I motivate YOU to go as sluggish OR AS FAST AS YOU DESIRE. I’m not ready to restrict anybody.
Want to go much faster, avoid ahead a couple of weeks. I established the GROW-PLAN to have you do ONE
deal a week for 12 weeks. But, do not hesitate to do it at your own speed and convenience. Just keep going, and you’ll make it!

If you have actually never ever done anything like this prior to, then I teach you to CRAWL. Then
in week 3 to WADDLE. Then in week 8 to stroll. And in week 12 you can PERFORM AT BREAKNECK
SPEED, if you so desire. Run all the method to the bank.

I call this THE G-PLAN. G mean GROW. The grow as you go strategy.

My teen calls it the 12 ACTION STRATEGY. 12 weekly, simple to follow actions, purchasing and
selling. And re-investing your revenues every week, up until you reach YOUR OBJECTIVES.

Keep the report for 60 days. If you do not earn money, or it is not for you. Simply
let my buddy Dien Rice understand, and he’ll offer you a complete refund.

Click Here To Get”The Chattel Report – 12 Weeks To Freedom”For Immediate Download!(PDF Format)

And for those of you that do not understand me, if this is our very first encounter, and you are
worried about the fly-by-nighters, I do not blame you, there are a lot of individuals to
fret about taking your cash in this world. PLENTY. But I’m not one of them.

Lived in Cuyahoga Falls considering that 1960. Graduated ’68. (Yea 760th in my class). After the
service, and taking a trip and going to school in CA, I have actually picked to live here today (hi
possibly I am a little insane?). I’m not going anywhere other than on a couple of getaways every year.
You can discover me at the GOLF COURSE or the Natatorium or down at the brand-new household marine
center drifting in an inner tube around the lazy river, happily sprinkling my kids.

If that does not relieve your mind a little, then please do not purchase the report. And do not
request information about my company or my personal life. You will not get them. So there. Hope
you’re not angered. Hey, I trust YOU enough to be truthful with me about the report. OK?

Just Like Joe Karbo stated to me several years ago; “GIVE IT A GO. AND JUDGE FOR

If you have concerns, e-mail me by means of my friend Dien at dien@chattelreport.com. We talk
frequently, he’ll let me understand of any concerns he can’t deal with.

NO CONCERNS? Then go on and click the order link! You’re just a couple of brief actions
far from a life time of FLEXIBILITY.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Gordon (Mr. BELONGINGS) Alexander

P.S. The cost is 47 dollars U.S. You can download it right away (it remains in PDF format), so there’s no shipping charge!

I book the right to eliminate this deal at any time. And if you DO understand me, then you
understand I will.

I ensure you’ll make moolah – otherwise you can utilize the no conditions 60-day cash back assurance.

P.P.S. My friend Dien Rice purchased among my initial reports – and he’s been
effectively “chatteling” for several years now. I’ve asked him to include a couple of pages at
completion of the report on how to do it – rapidly and quickly – utilizing the web. With this
“twist,” the revenues are now much easier to come by than ever prior to!

P.P.P.S. There’s likewise an unique brand-new area about how among the world’s wealthiest males –
an American multi-BILLIONAIRE – got going, simply by doing this. You’ll learn who he is – and how he did it! What are you awaiting?

Contacting Dien Rice and the Chattel Report.Email: dien@chattelreport.com.
Telephone: +61 4 1955 0447. Address: P.O. Box 1323, Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia.

Copyright © Gordon Alexander and Dien Rice

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